We at WT work within three predominant sectors: Care, HR and Growing Entrepreneurial Businesses.

They may seem like very different areas but all need a similar foundation: Skilled, Experienced People.

We’re nearly 1/12th through 2015 (!) and a list of the 14 best new business ideas for this year has been published by the entrepeneurial hub Startups.co.uk

Having been part of a handful of successful start-ups so far, I understand how crucial it is to have the right people in place for the first 24 – 36 months.

This list shows a range of popular businesses, with the Care sector seeing a jump in popularity. Owning such a business is a great step towards securing your future, and we know how well Care Companies who do look after their staff and clients do.


What are your other options in 2015?

Fancy a ‘quirky café’ or looking after Buddy the lab and Molly the poodle? 

These business ideas may well be all the rage today, but our experience shows that successful start up operations have staying power. Good people and good product provided well with excellent customer service.

If you’re thinking of launching a new company, do you focus on recycling an old idea or find a ‘fashionable’ sector which is  part of the latest trend?

In my experience, the best companies have very little to do with what’s fashionable, rather it takes an ‘old idea’ (like recruitment) and reinvents it to service the needs of their market with great service and a solid offering. If you are thinking of starting up a business in 2015, don’t rely on what’s in vogue, rather think about what gets you up in the morning and use that as your foundation to grow a business with staying power.