The market is changing, and with the increased buoyancy of the job market comes more choice for the star candidates.  So how can clients attract these potentially fantastic new employees?

  • Remember that their time is valuable, schedule an interview as soon as possible and within a week of speaking with your recruiter.
  • Ensure you know what salary they are looking for.  The best candidates know their worth and know there are companies willing to pay it. If you can’t afford it, think about potential benefits that would make up the difference.
  • Give your recruiter as much information as possible about the role, this allows them to ‘sell’ the opportunity to their candidates.
  • Benchmark the candidate against one or two others. Any more and you’ll end up losing the best one while you wait.
  • If you’re unsure about a candidate, consider a short term contract. This allows both parties to see if the opportunity is right for them.

Remember that the recruiter should be working in the best interest of both client and candidate. A good relationship with your recruiter will not only save you time and money, it should also mean that you have someone to evangelise your business to the candidates who need to know you and why they should be your next star employee.

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