We’re evolving here at WingroveTaylor.

Times change and so do our needs as business owners.

For personal reasons I’ve had to return to work from home. Whilst I loved being in the office with the team, it became very apparent that the needs of my son were increasing as he struggled with his medical needs and learning disabilities.

Working …. and a Mum = Working Mum (Hooray!)

As a mum who has worked the entire 10 years of my son’s life (I wrote CVs during my formal maternity leave as I felt the need to keep my brain ticking over amongst the nappies and sleepless nights), I recognise that recruitment may not be the ideal career choice. After all I need to be at the beck and call of my candidates and clients in order to do my job properly. If a company needs me to visit and analyse what their next hire for their sales team looks like, then we’ve had to find ways, as a family, to make use of grandparents and friends to help me meet those client needs.

My husband also put his teaching career on hold for over two years in order for my career to elevate to the next level whilst he cared for our son who has not been able to attend school since November 2012 due to significant illness.

There Must be a Way

But there has to be a way for recruiters such as myself to be able to work effectively, love my job and be a mum. Or better yet, a good mum and not feel like I am missing out or failing our son.

Working mums all over the world are able to make this work day-in, day-out and so this is where WT 2.0 comes into its own for the recruitment world.

In my last recruitment company, my then business partner and I developed the business so as we found vacancies and developed relationships with the companies who needed our help. We then farmed out those vacancies to experienced freelance recruiters working from home. That company served a very niche sector in provision of permanent nurses and care home managers to the UK nursing and residential care home market.

This time around, WT 2.0, is focussing on being the catalyst for the brilliant, experienced recruiters across the UK (initially) who want to have the flexibility of working from home, being a part of a credible and successful recruitment company, whilst being responsible for building a recruitment division and benefitting from their own efforts massively (and not just financially).

WT 2 point what?

The difference is, we are offering experienced recruitment consultants the WT 2.0 model; instead of finding the vacancies, we will instead take away all the back office headaches, allowing consultants to work within their own niche and use their expertise properly.

As I’ve already been a part of a successful similar model, plus I’ve worked for another company under this type of arrangement, I know first-hand how awesome it is to be able to work as a professional recruiter, develop client and candidate relationships, help find the ideal roles for some really interesting people across Europe and be a mum (and not feel like I was failing at both!)

The major difference is you can work in your current sector and not be pushed into a niche which you know nothing about. So if you’re an experienced and passionate recruitment professional within the HR sector, for example, plus want to run your own recruitment company but without the massive overheads it takes to start up, then WT 2.0 is for you.

If you’re intrigued and want to know how WT 2.0 can help you improve the flexibility in your life, have proper work/life balance, earn more than you are now, excel as a recruiter in your field as well as be a part of an exciting and proven business model with like-minded individuals, then do please get in touch with me on helen@wingrovetaylor.com