Most of the time. Well, pretty much anyway.

Sweeping statement but it’s true.

The minute recruiters are targeted to send as many CVs as possible to a company needing their help, quality of those CVs is far less important than the content and relevance to the candidate’s and client’s needs.

The minute hiring managers or HR staff say they’ve already received that candidate’s CV from another recruitment ‘consultant’, the process becomes quite simply a race to beat your fellow recruiters. It is therefore far less about the consultancy process and really taking the time, even when time is against you, to find the right candidate for the hiring manager.

The minute Preferred Supplier Lists become about how many CVs a recruiter has sent as opposed to the ratio of candidates sent for consideration v. interview request v. offers and contracts being signed, the consultancy aspect is massively diluted.

My track record was somewhat controversial on this as I often had run ins with my management about how few CVs, or I called them candidates, I sent to the companies and business owners I was helping in any given week. I sent the fewest candidates out in terms of their CVs and interviews, however my ratios of Candidates sent for consideration to interview and then offer was (nearly) always the strongest in the pack.

I wasn’t the best (at most things anyway)

Surrounded by recruitment consultants who strained everything every week to make sure they sent 30 CVs, I grew impatient and sometimes quite aggrieved as I knew it should not be a race to who sends a CV first or who wins the weekly highest number of CVs sent competition.

The way I worked back in the 1990’s and the way I still work, is to focus on quality, to nurture, to take time to really understand the candidate’s needs and the needs of the company and hiring manager. Otherwise what’s the point? And how often is the best person on paper, the best person for the job, the culture, the opportunity and the team where they’d potentially be working for years to come?

And that is consultancy in its truest form, isn’t it?

I know and appreciate there are some awesome recruitment consultants out there, of course there are. But equally there are some pretty awful ones too who simply don’t provide consultancy and expertise with anyone across the recruitment process.


Sorry, yes, they are experts. They’re experts in being able to send the CV the fastest.

Unfortunately it is for these very reasons why potential customers dislike recruitment professionals / consultants / agents (delete as appropriate). Whatever we decide to call ourselves. Many companies and business owners hate the thought of using a recruiter and they say so with such a passion. It could be likened to the dislike for some estate agents and car salesman too.

I was telling a potential client (who is now a fully signed up client who pays up front for my expertise) that for years I hated being asked what I did. I would kind of cough and mutter that I was a recruiter. I was embarrassed. I very swiftly would move the conversation back to them. I wholly accept this was an issue with me and my self-belief so don’t shoot me down just yet!

Times Change

These days it’s very different.

I take real pride in being a recruitment consultant.

I know that with my Consultancy skills and expertise, I can help business owners and SMEs to grow their business with the right people.

As a multiple business owner myself, I know that having the right people in my company makes a huge difference to me, my family, my team and lots of people’s successes in many ways.

I am a Recruitment Consultant with major emphasis on the consultant bit, and proud to shout out loud.