As a family, we are celebrating and rather mindful of a huge milestone in our son’s life.

Seven years’ ago this week, he was three and had just finished what we hoped would be his final chemotherapy weekend.

Now, November 2015, our dreams have been realised and he continues to be cancer-free.

Some may say I should not talk about this so publicly with my company persona in mind, however, had it not been for my son’s cancer diagnosis back in May 2008, I am not sure I’d even be in my second year with WingroveTailored after having sold my 50% share in my previous company which was developed from scratch in 2011 in partnership with another mum in recruitment.

The years in between finishing treatment at the end of 2008 and starting my last company in the summer of 2011 were spent mulling over what could have been. I did lots of freelance recruiting projects for corporate clients as well as CV writing for professional companies across the world. It kept my brain occupied and ensured I could continue with my family financially. It also gave me less time to worry and forced me to refocus on the future and not look back.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, this week each year it is hard not to remember how I felt this week 7 years ago. Those feelings of helplessness and uncertainty. The thoughts of not knowing what or how I could make my son’s life as incredible as possible from that moment onwards.

This year is no different, except I know exactly how I can make his life and that of my family as awesome as possible.

Sounds crass but essentially, it is what it is.

This is why I work and strive to make WingroveTailored one of the leading expert companies in recruitment for business owners and SMEs across the UK.

This is my ‘why’.

My why is crystal clear.

Indeed, I have two whys.

Why do I help small business owners grow their businesses through effective hiring processes and clear recruitment strategies? Because I know I can help them reach their goals, dreams and aspirations. I know that if I help them hire the right sales manager or PA, this can help escalate their business. And in doing so, they may just realise their dreams.

The second why is very personal.

I need WingroveTailored and every company and business owner I work with to be successful, whatever each of us defines as successful. What does success look like for you? For me it is growth on a financial level as well as a personal level.

I get my kicks personally when I hear news of how the new sales consultant I helped hire has added £20k profit in their first quarter. Why does this excite me? I know the resulting growth in that company will help the business owner spend an extra day a week with his new-born daughter.

If I can build my company to be strong financially, I know this will help my son with creating experiences and memories. Equally, it gives me a great level of satisfaction that my son can see that success comes from focus and working smart. He’s not had a traditional academic life so far due to the late effects of the treatment he had for cancer.

We have unwritten rules at home including if he can hear mummy talking in her office, it means she is working and so he has to wait before I can see to his needs. One way he is learning, therefore, is through listening to me discussing one of my client’s new hiring needs. Thankfully, he has also started at a specialist school for 3 hours a week where he can be taught in a way that his brain understands so he will have a somewhat normal learning journey as he heads towards his teenage years.

All of this experience, the Cancer, the unusual childhood for my son and building two companies in the aftermath, makes me a far better recruiter than I was before 2008. I am far more able to empathise with every business owner I discuss their recruitment strategy with, once I get a handle on their ‘why’, their motivations and their dreams.

We all have them.

Dreams, I mean.

And just because they’re dreams doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t get there.

No matter what gets in the way and sometimes because of what gets in the way, our dreams become more attainable as we focus and steer our lives in a direction which far outweighs what could have been achieved before.

Seven years on, my dreams as a mother, wife, daughter and business owner are far greater and more in focus than they were in April 2008 pre-cancer.

These dreams make me better at what I do.

Why do you do what you do?