Yes, it is getting a little bit nippy but I’m not talking about the window in your office.

This is the recruitment window for the New Year.

Surely 41 days until Jan 1st, 2016 is plenty of time.

If you want to get someone new in your company for January or even mid-February, then keep the window open, breeze and rain and all. It is even more important to get going now with your hiring if you’re a business owner with perhaps two to ten team members on board.

In larger companies, if there is a shortfall in skills within the business—or talent, which is the new-fangled way of saying it—you can spread the projects and jobs across your existing team until you recruit the right person. It is far easier for the larger companies. If you run a company where your talent is made up of you, your business partner and perhaps a sales person and a VA, then knowing you need an additional skill set to cover and pick up where your existing ‘talent’ can’t is far more crucial.

What happens… or rather, what doesn’t happen if you don’t get the right person on board?

And almost more importantly, how long can you cope as a small company without this person?

It isn’t too late to get the process underway, as long as you have an idea of the sort of role or resource you need. It would also massively help if you knew how you were going to find this person.

I’ve currently got several clients who’ve asked for my help to find a crucial new person to join their team in the new year. Many ask if it is too soon to start the hiring process for a January or even a February start in November.

No, it’s not. Definitely not!

Finding the right people to interview takes time. Panic buying in recruitment is not healthy for your business and increases the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Once I have discussions and consultations with business owners about these types of hiring projects, they end up with a very clear idea of what they need these new members of the team to do. They also have a crystal clear idea of what the impact will be if we hire badly or in a rush. Plus, they know what won’t happen in their business if we don’t start the process now.

Want to know how they know?

Well, together we explore which aspects of their own roles as business owners they want off their desks. As the business owner, they don’t just make sure the P&L stack up. They (usually) are the marketing department and pretty much the new business development team too. Very often, they answer their own main company phone line too (unless they’ve already secured the services of a professional telephone answering service) whilst also watering the plants and cleaning the toilet.

With this info, we can then better understand what this new talent/resource looks like, and I can then ensure that these people exist. For example, business owners who feel that a new sales administrator could also do the sales and new business development are not rare. They are, however, slightly misguided as most good sales people are not the best at admin! In these instances, there is no need to wait. No need to hire a good sales consultant and then wait for them to pay their way before hiring the admin to support them. It may just be wise to split the role and salary budget that goes with it into two part-time roles which room to increase hours as profit allows.

Depending on your sector, you may find a part-time sales admin whilst also finding a part-time sales consultant. You get both aspects of the talent you need whilst not blowing the budget and not waiting for the sales person to be in profit in order to fund the next hire. As I say, this won’t work in every company but there is a large pool of highly experienced and very talented people who want to work part-time. And use someone like me who can find those people and get them excited about your vision, your service or product and the opportunity to work with you. Then, the window is wide open.

That is what I do.

I keep your windows open!

If you’re a business owner and this strikes a chord, do call me for a complimentary consultation. I thrive on helping business owners get the right people/talent/resource into your team so you can exceed your targets (and dreams) for your company.