December 8, 2022

What to Do When Recruiting Your New Head of Marketing

PIC Hiring new Marketing Head

Recently 8.6% of all leading media advertising companies have reported an upward revision of their current marketing efforts. Although marketing is a complicated industry, you need the right people to do the job correctly. Otherwise, your customers will go to other businesses for services and buy from other sellers. That’s why you need a head […]

Want to Know How to Ramp Up Your Candidate-led Marketing?

jake nackos i32jpQz4768 unsplash scaled

Candidate-led marketing and your company’s recruitment process need to be closely aligned. Wondering if ‘candidate-led marketing’ can make things easier in a challenging recruitment market? Let’s understand together what it means and how candidate-led marketing can help you and your business. The good news is that candidate-led marketing is straightforward! Instead of focusing on putting […]