3 mistakes to avoid when hiring


3 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring for a Small Team scaled

Last updated: 26th October 22

Applies to: Business Owners and Hiring Managers​


Are you about to take on the hiring process?

Worried about making the wrong decisions for your company?

If you’re a small business owner, you know that hiring the right person for your team is crucial.

Like you, we understand that recruitment can make or break a company and we want to help yours thrive.

So, when it comes to starting the hiring process for your next employee, here are 3 mistakes to avoid.

  • Not paying attention to how their values align with your own
  • Hiring too quickly and not taking enough time to get to know them
  • Thinking it’s easy to manage and a less hands-on approach is needed because they’re working remotely


Mistake 1:

Not paying attention to how their values align with your own.
If you’re a small business owner, chances are that the company’s culture is crucial to your continued success and growth. You want someone who shares those same core beliefs and will be able and willing to contribute.


Mistake 2:

Their personality has to add to your company culture. If you only rely on their skills and what they say they can do for you, and ignore their cultural fit, this is a risky approach. You’re better off having someone not as experienced yet adds to your team, than an A-player who is a nightmare to work with (and who your team and customers really don’t gel with).


Mistake 3:

While rewarding remote working can be helpful to the company in many ways, it is incredibly frustrating for you and the new team member at times as well. Some of these negative feelings can arise from feeling isolated or unappreciated; luckily there are various techniques that you, the manager, can practice to counteract those feelings and create team unity more easily.


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Still need help?

If you would like more advice when it comes to the recruitment process, feel free to get in touch with the team at Your People Partners. We love to help!


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