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Are you looking for the perfect candidate to help you step up your company’s operations?

Our Operations Recruitment Specialists are here to support your business’ ops needs. We can help you find the ideal candidate to strengthen your company’s operational capabilities.

Whether you are looking to expand your operations team, seeking to hand over the ops function from you to a new team member, or searching for a leader to head up your operational efforts, we have you covered.

Leveraging our expertise in assisting small businesses, start-ups, and scale-ups, we are well-equipped to help you identify the right candidate to foster growth and enhance your company’s operational efficiency.

Which type of operations candidate are you recruiting?

christin hume Hcfwew744z4 unsplash 1
Image By: Christin Hume
Entry Level
Salary Range - £20,000 - £25,000

This type of operations person will usually be supporting you, the business owner, or one of your more experienced team members with all things ops.

jeroen den otter 1SA  aN I2U unsplash
Image By: Jeroen Den Otter
Salary Range - £26,000 - £44,000

Your ops are up and running but perhaps you need to hand it all to a dedicated and experienced operations professional. Perhaps you need new processes or a new CRM rolled out? Or your logistics needs improving?

krakenimages 376KN ISplE unsplash
Image By: Kraken Images
Salary Range - £45,000 - £80,000 + OTE

Your ops run smoothly however, a lead operations person in your team will elevate everything, and allow you to scale your business. Perhaps you’re growing to sell or to acquire other companies or be more profitable?

The type of ops candidates we can help you find

Here are eight job titles we most commonly look for in the UK and USA for individuals with operations experience in small businesses:

Group 113

Operations Manager

Group 115

Business Development Manager

Group 118

Project Manager

Group 122

Office Manager

Group 124

Supply Chain Manager

Group 127

HR Manager

Group 130

Sales Operations Manager

Group 136

Procurement & Logistics Manager

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on factors such as location, industry, and your specific business requirements.

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