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Crafting an Effective Finance and Accounting Job Advert: Tips and Tricks

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Attracting the right talent for finance and accounting positions in your company is critical for maintaining accurate and robust financial management. An effective job post helps you stand out in the competitive job market, capturing the attention of high-quality candidates and saving you time in the recruitment process. With Your People Partners as your trusted […]

Small Business Recruitment: What Every Owner Needs to Know

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Imagine you’re at the helm of your own business with a vision that keeps you up at night, excited for the day ahead. Small business recruitment is your stage to set the tone, the beacon that guides the promising talent right to your doorstep. Securing the right bunch, those who not only possess the skills […]

Comparing Job Adverts with Job Descriptions: Your Ultimate Guide

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When you’re on the hunt for a new opportunity or strategizing to fill a job vacancy, have you ever wondered about the dance between a job advert and a job description? While they may seem interchangeable at first glance, each plays a unique role in the recruitment process, with the former being your initial handshake […]

Employee Happiness: Why Company Culture Matters More Than You Think

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Understanding company culture and its impact on employee happiness When it comes to employee happiness, many factors come into play. From salary and benefits to career growth opportunities, it’s easy to focus on the tangible aspects of a job. However, one often overlooked but crucial element is company culture. Company culture refers to the values, […]

How to Craft Effective KPIs for the First Time

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If you’re new to the world of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), crafting effective ones can seem daunting. But fear not! In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating impactful KPIs for the first time. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or simply curious about how to measure success, understanding and utilising […]

How to Write an Outcome-based Job Description with ChatGPT

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Are you tired of vague and ineffective job descriptions that fail to attract the right candidates? Look no further. With the help of ChatGPT, creating outcome-based job descriptions has never been easier. In this article, we will walk you through the process of writing job descriptions that focus on desired outcomes rather than just listing […]

Flat Fee Recruitment and Why It’s a Terrific Option for Your First Hire

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‍ Photo by parveender on Pixabay ‍ Introduction Looking to make your first hire? Finding the right candidate for your business is crucial, but can often be a time-consuming and costly process. That’s where flat fee recruitment comes in. With its transparent and budget-friendly approach, it’s quickly becoming the go-to option for companies of all […]

How to Create an Outcome-Based Job Description for Your Marketing Manager

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Are you tired of generic, buzzword-filled job descriptions that fail to attract the right candidates? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies are moving away from traditional job descriptions and opting for outcome-based ones instead. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an outcome-based job description specifically for a marketing manager role. The […]

How to Create a Positive Company Culture When You’re a Small Team

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‍ Photo by GraphicMama-team on Pixabay ‍ As a small team, creating a positive company culture is essential for your success. When your workforce is limited, every member plays a crucial role in shaping the environment and overall atmosphere. But how do you foster a positive culture within your small team? In this article, we […]

Please Stop Asking About Weaknesses in Job Interviews: A Better Approach

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‍Photo by deeznutz1 on Pixabay Are you tired of being asked the same old question in your job interviews, “What are your weaknesses?” You’re not alone. Many candidates find this question challenging and ineffective. In this article, we will explore why this question is flawed and offer alternative approaches that can provide more valuable insights […]

Crafting the Perfect Job Description for Your Start-Up Team

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Hey there, visionary founder and business owner! Are you ready to elevate your team with top-notch talent that perfectly complements your company’s DNA? When it comes to hiring for your thriving startup or scale-up in the ever-evolving world of Sales and Marketing, nailing down job descriptions is more than just a routine task – it’s […]

Ultimate 7 Sales Interview Questions and Answers Every Founder Must Know

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Hey there, fellow founder! As someone who has poured their heart and soul into building a thriving business, I know just how crucial it is to find the right people to join your team. And when it comes to bringing on a new salesperson who will be taking the reins from you, nailing the interview […]

It’s Time To Rethink Asking About Strengths And Weaknesses In Job Interviews

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‍Image Source: FreeImages As a hiring manager or recruiter, one of the most common questions you may ask candidates in a job interview is, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” It’s a classic question that has been ingrained in the interview process for decades. However, it’s time to rethink this approach and consider why asking […]

Bridging the Gap: How to Address the IT Talent Shortage


In a world increasingly dominated by technology, it’s no surprise that talented IT professionals are in high demand. The IT talent shortage has become a global concern that many organisations, especially start-ups and scale-ups, are grappling with. For the burgeoning start-up founder, this concern is magnified by limited resources and budget constraints. But navigating this […]