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Why bother?

Blog pic - Blog Why Bother - 10.11.15

As a family, we are celebrating and rather mindful of a huge milestone in our son’s life. Seven years’ ago this week, he was three and had just finished what we hoped would be his final chemotherapy weekend. Now, November 2015, our dreams have been realised and he continues to be cancer-free. Some may say […]

WT 2.0

  We’re evolving here at WingroveTaylor. Times change and so do our needs as business owners. For personal reasons I’ve had to return to work from home. Whilst I loved being in the office with the team, it became very apparent that the needs of my son were increasing as he struggled with his medical […]

Celebrating the Impossible

Homecare Recruitment Expert

It’s been a funny week. We’ve just helped a senior HR Manager land their desired role after a 5 interview process. Yes, 5 interviews. Well actually, 1 telephone interview, 3 interviews face to face plus a lunch, so it ended up being 5 parts of the interview process. In 17 years as a recruiter, I […]

Calling all Great Candidates

The market is changing, and with the increased buoyancy of the job market comes more choice for the star candidates.  So how can clients attract these potentially fantastic new employees? Remember that their time is valuable, schedule an interview as soon as possible and within a week of speaking with your recruiter. Ensure you know […]

Care Sector Sees Increasing Growth

We at WT work within three predominant sectors: Care, HR and Growing Entrepreneurial Businesses. They may seem like very different areas but all need a similar foundation: Skilled, Experienced People. We’re nearly 1/12th through 2015 (!) and a list of the 14 best new business ideas for this year has been published by the entrepeneurial […]

Getting Down to Business, 2015

2015 comes armed with a multitude of New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve planned to eat healthier, join the pricey gym you’ve had your eye on for a while, or cut down on your Facebook dependence, you’ve got it all sorted. But have you? With New Year being synonymous with personal development and progress, it’s no […]

The Motivations for Success

As we come to the end of the year, Helen and I have taken some time to look back at the last year in awe. In January, WingroveTaylor was nothing but a sparkle in our eyes. Here we are, closing out 2014 with a team of 4 and great ambitions for the future. We all […]

Social Media For Your Job Search Part 2

Let’s talk Twitter. We all know it’s a great tool for getting the latest news, follow your favourite celebrity and start arguments with people you don’t know. Did you know that Twitter is also an excellent way to search for jobs? Twitter is our #2 pick in the social media job search toolkit. (Check out […]

We’re looking to 2015. Are you?

Forward planning is our theme this week here at WingroveTaylor HQ. We could look behind us with worry (or pride!) but we choose to focus on what we can achieve tomorrow, next week, before Christmas and indeed into 2015. It’s not even December, never mind New Year’s Day 2015, but as anyone who has changed […]

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