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Social Media for Your Job Search

Job Markets today are significantly different to how they used to look 10 years ago. While most of us are clued up on applying for roles online, very few people are aware of the power of social media when it comes to finding that perfect job. Over the next few weeks, I am going to […]

What a week in recruitment …

Only one week on from meeting Steve Wozniak, one of the modern world’s leading geeks (that’s what he calls himself), visionaries and legends of innovation, as well as also being selected as Finalists in the National Entrepreneur Awards 2014, and we find ourselves in our final week as a 2 man band! WingroveTaylor have hired […]

The Hospitality Gem

This week, we had the pleasure of working with our good friends at Chin!Chin! Bar & Kitchen, a lovely cafe/restaurant based in the lovely St Michael’s Hill in Bristol. Owner Darren Armstrong has been working hard to put together a restaurant that values great food, great atmosphere and a great team. With the departure of […]

What makes you get out bed every morning?

As WT are on the precipice of expansion, Helen and I have spent this last week trying to work out how to employ well. We wanted to understand what gets people out to work every day. Let’s face it, for most of us, working is a chore. We do it because we have bills to […]

Why Graduates get passed over

If you’re a graduate, you may be familiar with this scenario: You’ve just entered the job market, and you’re looking for an entry level job in your chosen field. The job descriptions all ask for at least a year’s experience, but no one seems willing to give you that experience in the first place. How […]

The Culture Fit

We are passionate about finding out about our clients. We want and desire to know what makes them tick, what makes their teams tick and most of all whether we can find someone who will ‘get’ what makes the whole company tick … if we can’t, then we haven’t understood the company culture sufficiently enough […]

Dull Job, Great Money or Awesome Job, Less Pay?

I often ask the question of candidates at all levels from CEOs to recent graduates as to what they would prefer; a lovely big salary but not quite the right job or a slightly lesser salary with the knowledge that your talents are recognised by your boss and colleagues, you’re respected by the team, you […]

How to Read a CV

There is a lot of advice going around for candidates and how to write a strong, keyword filled CV. There is not much advice out there for employers who have to read these CV’s. We’d like to fill that gap.   1. Ignore the keywords. A person is so much more than their CV. Take […]

Why Recruiters Suck

  In my early 20’s, whilst living in London, I had a moment of crisis. I had finished my degree, and had started working in Media back in Sydney. I loved learning about digital marketing and advertising and being surrounded by people who were passionate about what they did. But something wasn’t right. I was […]

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