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What are you doing to attract talent?

Just giving people a salary and a nice office plus an interesting enough job is not enough. Noone goes to work purely for salary. Fact. Neither do they go to work because they get free coffee in the office. They also don’t come into work because their job is kind of interesting. Hayes’ has recently completed […]

Hiring Slow(er)

Hiring Slow(er) No, I don’t mean for you to take your time. What I mean is that I’ve seen loads of business owners and entrepreneurs hire someone based on an impressive CV and 23-minute chat (where mainly the entrepreneur talks about themselves), and it rarely ends well. I don’t want this to happen to you. […]

When is a Recruitment Consultant not a Recruitment Consultant?

  Most of the time. Well, pretty much anyway. Sweeping statement but it’s true. The minute recruiters are targeted to send as many CVs as possible to a company needing their help, quality of those CVs is far less important than the content and relevance to the candidate’s and client’s needs. The minute hiring managers […]

WT 2.0

  We’re evolving here at WingroveTaylor. Times change and so do our needs as business owners. For personal reasons I’ve had to return to work from home. Whilst I loved being in the office with the team, it became very apparent that the needs of my son were increasing as he struggled with his medical […]

Celebrating the Impossible

It’s been a funny week. We’ve just helped a senior HR Manager land their desired role after a 5 interview process. Yes, 5 interviews. Well actually, 1 telephone interview, 3 interviews face to face plus a lunch, so it ended up being 5 parts of the interview process. In 17 years as a recruiter, I […]

Care Sector Sees Increasing Growth

We at WT work within three predominant sectors: Care, HR and Growing Entrepreneurial Businesses. They may seem like very different areas but all need a similar foundation: Skilled, Experienced People. We’re nearly 1/12th through 2015 (!) and a list of the 14 best new business ideas for this year has been published by the entrepeneurial […]

The Motivations for Success

As we come to the end of the year, Helen and I have taken some time to look back at the last year in awe. In January, WingroveTaylor was nothing but a sparkle in our eyes. Here we are, closing out 2014 with a team of 4 and great ambitions for the future. We all […]

What a week in recruitment …

Only one week on from meeting Steve Wozniak, one of the modern world’s leading geeks (that’s what he calls himself), visionaries and legends of innovation, as well as also being selected as Finalists in the National Entrepreneur Awards 2014, and we find ourselves in our final week as a 2 man band! WingroveTaylor have hired […]

What makes you get out bed every morning?

As WT are on the precipice of expansion, Helen and I have spent this last week trying to work out how to employ well. We wanted to understand what gets people out to work every day. Let’s face it, for most of us, working is a chore. We do it because we have bills to […]

The Culture Fit

We are passionate about finding out about our clients. We want and desire to know what makes them tick, what makes their teams tick and most of all whether we can find someone who will ‘get’ what makes the whole company tick … if we can’t, then we haven’t understood the company culture sufficiently enough […]

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