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What are you doing to attract talent?

Just giving people a salary and a nice office plus an interesting enough job is not enough. Noone goes to work purely for salary. Fact. Neither do they go to work because they get free coffee in the office. They also don’t come into work because their job is kind of interesting. Hayes’ has recently completed […]

Hiring Slow(er)

Hiring Slow(er) No, I don’t mean for you to take your time. What I mean is that I’ve seen loads of business owners and entrepreneurs hire someone based on an impressive CV and 23-minute chat (where mainly the entrepreneur talks about themselves), and it rarely ends well. I don’t want this to happen to you. […]

7 Characteristics of a New Employee for SMEs

Hiring your first member of staff?  Or expanding your team? Don’t know where to start?  Worried about getting it wrong? In terms of looking for what you need, start with these 7 core questions every time you hire.  As the business owner, can you afford to got wrong when hiring for the first or adding […]

Recruitment should be about the Win-Win-Win

We’re not all the same Many people can be put off by recruiters and don’t want to use them or see us as a necessary evil. So I am on a mission. My mission is simple. I am going to change people’s perceptions about recruiters, as we’re not all alike (thank goodness). My mission  I have made […]

A CV is Not the Be All and End All

As recruiters and hiring managers, we can’t get away from CVs. They are a crucial part of the recruitment process. However, the CV should not be the ‘everything’ within each hiring process. What do I mean by that? I can guarantee you that I have placed people in jobs where they have by far been […]

Freelancer or Permanent Employee – You Cannot Treat Them the Same

With rapidly changing external environments (political, technological, environmental etc) and an inevitable increasing demand for highly skilled and talented individuals it can sometimes make sense for businesses to consider hiring freelancers. As a business owner, I have to be innovative, flexible and adaptable to all the changes happening in our workplaces today in order to […]

Hiring ‘A-Players’ for Small Business

Hiring staff can be a very difficult task for business owners, particularly if you are looking for highly skilled and motivated A-Players.  These are staff who are talented, driven to succeed, adaptable and take great pride in their work.  An A-Player can play a significant role in the success of your small business and can […]

Feeling the Love

I love you. And I don’t know how you do it. This is what I heard from one of my clients this week. Mind you, he also told me he was in love. Not with me. But thankfully with one of the candidates, I’d found for his growing business. He asked also ‘How is it […]

The Window is Closing

  Yes, it is getting a little bit nippy but I’m not talking about the window in your office. This is the recruitment window for the New Year. Surely 41 days until Jan 1st, 2016 is plenty of time. If you want to get someone new in your company for January or even mid-February, then […]

When is a Recruitment Consultant not a Recruitment Consultant?

  Most of the time. Well, pretty much anyway. Sweeping statement but it’s true. The minute recruiters are targeted to send as many CVs as possible to a company needing their help, quality of those CVs is far less important than the content and relevance to the candidate’s and client’s needs. The minute hiring managers […]

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7 Characteristics of a New Employee for SMEs

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