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What are you doing to attract talent?

Just giving people a salary and a nice office plus an interesting enough job is not enough. Noone goes to work purely for salary. Fact. Neither do they go to work because they get free coffee in the office. They also don’t come into work because their job is kind of interesting. Hayes’ has recently completed […]

When is a Recruitment Consultant not a Recruitment Consultant?

  Most of the time. Well, pretty much anyway. Sweeping statement but it’s true. The minute recruiters are targeted to send as many CVs as possible to a company needing their help, quality of those CVs is far less important than the content and relevance to the candidate’s and client’s needs. The minute hiring managers […]

WT 2.0

  We’re evolving here at WingroveTaylor. Times change and so do our needs as business owners. For personal reasons I’ve had to return to work from home. Whilst I loved being in the office with the team, it became very apparent that the needs of my son were increasing as he struggled with his medical […]

Social Media For Your Job Search Part 2

Let’s talk Twitter. We all know it’s a great tool for getting the latest news, follow your favourite celebrity and start arguments with people you don’t know. Did you know that Twitter is also an excellent way to search for jobs? Twitter is our #2 pick in the social media job search toolkit. (Check out […]

We’re looking to 2015. Are you?

Forward planning is our theme this week here at WingroveTaylor HQ. We could look behind us with worry (or pride!) but we choose to focus on what we can achieve tomorrow, next week, before Christmas and indeed into 2015. It’s not even December, never mind New Year’s Day 2015, but as anyone who has changed […]

Social Media for Your Job Search

Job Markets today are significantly different to how they used to look 10 years ago. While most of us are clued up on applying for roles online, very few people are aware of the power of social media when it comes to finding that perfect job. Over the next few weeks, I am going to […]

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