How to create powerful recruitment campaigns that work

How to create powerful recruitment campaigns that work


How to create innovative recruitment campaigns that work scaled - Your People Partners

The hiring process and creating innovative recruitment campaigns is one of the most expensive, time-consuming and, frankly, painful tasks that companies face.

It’s overwhelming to say the least!

While it’s true that finding talent is tough in a fiercely competitive environment when top candidates are being snapped up faster than you can say “interview”, many organisations make the challenge even more difficult by failing to engage with their target audience.

The problem with recruitment campaigns

Creating a successful recruitment campaign is not easy. Recruitment campaigns are pricey, take time and often fail to meet their objectives. The main problem with most recruitment campaigns is that they don’t work; they don’t deliver the kind of results you need them to get in order to be successful.

The result of this is that you end up spending money on recruitment campaigns that don’t deliver results. What can be done about this?

What makes a good recruitment campaign?

A good recruitment campaign is all about creativity and innovation.

It needs to be creative, but not just for the sake of being novel or different. The idea behind your recruitment campaign should be inspired by your brand’s mission, values, and culture—not by what other companies are doing in the same industry.

The objective of any recruitment campaign is to attract new talent that will help you accomplish your business goals. So, if you don’t know what those goals are, how can you create an effective recruitment strategy?

Start with a clear understanding of the skills and qualities candidates need in order for them to do their jobs well—and then consider whether there are any gaps between what current employees already have versus what would make them even better at doing their jobs well (which may mean getting new talent).

From there, think about where these people might hang out online: Do they read blogs written by industry experts? Are they active on Twitter or LinkedIn? Do they enjoy watching videos on YouTube? Create content that speaks directly to these audiences using channels where they’re most likely to find it!

Here are some examples of smart marketing strategies used by companies looking specifically for employees:

1 – Recruitment campaigns need to have clear objectives

A good recruitment campaign will align with the company’s goals, culture, values and brand. Recruitment campaigns should be designed to attract candidates who are not just perfect for the role but also someone who will fit into your organisation. For example, if you have a very open and collaborative culture then it makes sense to use social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook where candidates can easily connect with other employees at your company and see what life is like there.

2 – Recruitment campaigns need to be creative and innovative

The second key to creating an innovative recruitment campaign is being creative and innovative. Creativity can be used to engage people, attract them, make them want to share your message, and even make them want to join your company. Some of the best examples of this are:

Coca Cola Company – They wanted people to apply for their jobs in a very creative way so they created an app that allowed people who were walking past their office building during lunchtime or after work hours (when there was no line) could scan QR codes on display boards with their mobile phones.

Once scanned, the app would show a job description for one of the hundreds of different jobs at Coca Cola Bottling Company which would then be sent directly onto the applicant’s phone so they could fill it out on their own time!

This made it easier for those who were interested in applying but didn’t have time during normal business hours due to other commitments outside of work hours. It also got more applicants because they weren’t limited by just showing up when lines were long as well as not having any wait times either!

3 – Recruitment campaigns need to be distributed strategically

The third step in creating successful recruitment campaigns is to distribute them strategically.

The goal of any recruitment campaign is to attract the attention of potential employees and get them excited about your company.

The first two steps outline how you can do this effectively, but if you’re not distributing your campaign properly, then it won’t matter how good it is!

Here are some examples of how you can distribute your campaign:

Social media:

Create a Facebook page or Twitter account for your company and communicate with potential employees through these channels.

For example, if you run an outdoor clothing store in London that specialises in hiking gear, they might be interested in following what products are out there so they can prepare themselves before heading into the city. Their followers could also provide valuable feedback on new releases and help shape where future designs take them!


Send an email directly from inside the application process itself so that people feel more engaged with each company they apply to rather than simply seeing dozens of applications at once (which isn’t always pleasant). In addition, emails need to be sent out after job interviews have taken place so those who weren’t successful still feel like part of the team without leaving town altogether.

However, there’s more to having a successful recruitment campaign than just creating a clever ad or launching it on social media. You also need to consider how you’ll measure the success of each campaign—and what those measures will tell you about what worked and what didn’t work with respect to reaching your target audience.

Ultimately, it’s all about doing your homework and crafting an authentic message that resonates with your target audience.

If you want to create a recruitment campaign that works, you need to:

  • set clear objectives,
  • create a creative and strategic message,
  • and use that message in the channels where you know your target audience hangs out.

Last updated: 27th October 22

Applies to: Business Owners, Hiring Managers and Marketing ​Teams

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