Why Telephone Interviews?

If you haven’t been involved in a telephone interview, then read on. They can save a lot of time and expense and are worth considering when putting your candidates through the hiring process.

The telephone interview is usually the next stage of the hiring process after the application has been received. It is used to discover which applicants will be invited to the next stage, which might be either a face to face interview or even a visit to an assessment centre. As a guide, most telephone interviews last in the region of 30 minutes or so.

Who uses telephone interview?

All manner of businesses will use telephone interviews as a tool for recruitment. They are particularly well suited to freelancers, sales related positions and for those who live a significant distance away.

Why use telephone interviews?

From the point of view of the employer, they can save time and expense. Spending just 30 minutes on an interview to understand whether a candidate has the potential to go further in the hiring process can save travel and accommodation costs.

For the applicant, this type of interview also has its advantages. For example, they can take notes, refer to their application form and can continue being located close to their current employment. They also don’t need to dress to impress and they can save themselves the time involved in travelling to the interview venue.

However, there some disadvantages that come along with this type of interview. Firstly, the candidate and the employer cannot see each other which can make it more difficult to gauge responses.

Our tips for both candidates and employers is to;
• Keep a copy of the completed application form nearby
• Prepare questions and answers to questions that you may be asked.
• Position a glass of water within reach in case of dry mouth
• Smile as you speak, this will make a difference to the tone of your voice and you will sound friendlier.
• Sit at a desk in order to sound better presented. If you’re lounging on a bed or sofa at home, it could have an impact on how you sound.

Overall telephone interviews save on expenditure and time and can offer more convenience to both parties.

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