Are you an experienced recruiter fed up of earning a tiny amount of the revenues you generate?


Do you need more flexibility in your life, perhaps you have children or just want less time stuck in commuter traffic?


Have you thought about working for yourself or starting your own recruitment company?


WingroveTailored Model 2.0 can Help You Be Your Own Boss .. and Earn Far More on Every Placement

WingroveTailored’s 2.0 Model is for you if you’re an experienced and passionate recruiter who wants to earn more of the revenue you generate, increase flexibility of when you work (to fit around school runs perhaps) and also want to run your own recruitment business.

Helen Sanders, the MD here at WT, has succeeded in already setting up and growing a recruitment company based on freelance recruitment professionals working from home in the UK.

Spend More Time Talking with People; Let WT Do the Back Office Stuff

You can utilise the WT 2.0 recruitment model by working under our brand, which is renowned for quality and delivery as well as long-term relationships, and essentially run your own recruitment division for your niche whilst allowing WT to remove the headache of your back office and start-up costs.

Essentially by minimising the barriers to success as a sole recruiter within your own company, you stand to benefit massively without huge financial outlay for marketing, job adverts, resourcing via job boards and cashflow (as we pay you your invoice for placements just 14 days after your candidate starts).

What Makes WT 2.0 Different?

We know and appreciate there’s choice out there for experienced recruiters to work for themselves but minimise costs and back office headaches.

However, where we differ is significant.

We do not have a non-compete clause.

If you work with a client and work with them to help them grow their team during your time with WT, and then decide to move on to pastures new, we would not stop you working with this person in the future.

Our aim is for recruitment consultants to stay under our brand and utilise our expertise and support for years to come, however, it’s daft of us to think you may stay forever. The yearning to do your own thing may be too strong and as such, we respect that. We’ve been there ourselves!

Yes, we’d love you to stay for years, however, join WT and move on if you’re ready … we like to think we helped you get to that point (you never know, we may invest in your business as we know how successful you’ve already been!)

For now and to get your freelance recruitment career going quickly and easily, join us; we can work well together, enjoy each other’s company and all benefit from this relationship under WT 2.0.

What WT 2.0 Can Do For You

All your back-office headaches taken away so we:

  • Advertise your jobs across premium sites such as Reed and Monster
  • Provide a solid database platform with candidates already uploaded
  • Develop and run all marketing activities whether it’s LinkedIn posts or Facebook adverts
  • Credit check your new and existing clients
  • Chase clients for signed Terms so you can develop the relationships and get interviews confirmed far easier
  • Pay you just 14 days after your candidate has started which massively helps your cash flow (and creates happy feelings)
  • Resource candidates for you (if you want this help)
  • Set up your database (and train you how to use it well)
  • Answer your phones or set up interviews if you’re unavailable
  • Provide a regional phone number for you
  • Drive potential business and vacancies your way through our existing client and candidate relationships
  • Credit control management (so you don’t have to muddy the waters chasing money!)
  • You keep between 60-80% of your net invoice value on permanent placements.

Essentially think of all the things which stop you developing the business you know you can; you know, all the paperwork or time it takes to write an advert, well we do that for you. Think of WT 2.0 as your headache tablet to allow you to recruit pain-free!

The key thing is, you will:

  • Earn more than you currently do on every placement
  • Have far more flexibility in every way
  • No restrictions on when you work
  • No restrictions on where you work
  • Feel part of a passionate group of professional recruiters (it can be lonely working for yourself otherwise)
  • Enjoy being a Recruiter far more than you ever have

Curious? Call now to discuss further

Call now to discuss this unique opportunity with Helen Sanders on 0117 290 0208.

We can schedule a meeting to discuss if this is a mutually beneficial opportunity for you to take back your life in terms of work/life balance, earn more on every placement and be the Professional Recruiter you know you can be.


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