Hiring A Players

There is one simple process to follow when it comes to hiring A players for any company regardless of size, vision, product, service or country.

Without a first rate, accurate job description, you simply cannot hire the right person for your team.

Here is the Your People Partners Process to create a new job description:

Step One – The Role

Determine the job that this A player needs to do?

This can be a job title or a few bullet points which outline exactly what they need to do for you and your business.

Step Two – Impact

Create two to three bullet points detailing what impact this A player will have on your business.

Show, via these points, what your business will look like if you have this particular A player doing this role.

Step Three – KPI’s

Using bullet points, outline the KPIs that would be put in place for this A player, determining what results – the outcomes – this person is going to bring you.

Role Specific Examples

Sales – If the role they are doing is a sales role, what impact will they have on your overall profit?

Marketing – If the role is a Marketing role, what is your cost of acquisition per lead with this A player compared to what you were doing before they joined your company?

Finance – If the role is a finance role, what data points do you have on your dashboard now which you didn’t have before? If you are wondering what a ‘dashboard’ is, then you need to hire a Finance A player into your business.

Step Four Identify A Players

Think back through your career and write down everyone you can think of that you’ve worked with before who could be defined as an A player.

Step Five – Identity Personality Traits

Using the list, you made in step four, write down the personality traits and behaviours that those people portrayed which made them into an A player and set them apart from B and C players.

Step Six – Identify B and C Player

Think back through your career and write down everyone you can think of that you’ve worked with before who could be defined as B and C players and write a list of the personality traits they had which meant that they were B and C players rather than A players.

It’s important to note that it is possible for B and C players to become A players with some personal and professional development.

Step Seven – Talent, Skills and Experience

We’ve talked about personality and behaviours, now we need to examine the people you’ve identified as A players in Step 4 and write a list of their talents, skills and experience.

Step Eight – Where to Find A Players

Your next list will comprise of all the places you can think of where an A player will hang out; where you will find these A players? Do you need the expertise of a recruiter, do you need to network more and if so, where will you network?

Step Nine – Successfully Hire A Players

For this step, you will need to write a new list of five or six bullet points which sell you, your company and your career opportunity to win an A player candidate.

Think about why an A player would want to come and work for you over your competition.

Step Ten – Create a Marketing Document

We now know;

  • what role you need an A player for
  • the impact you want them to have on your business
  • what an A player looks like in terms of personality traits, behaviours, talent, skills and experience
  • where to find them
  • and how to sell your business to them.

The final step is to put all the above information together and create a marketing document which is essentially a job description that sells your business to your ideal candidate.

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