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Hiring A Players

There is one simple process to follow when it comes to hiring A players for any company regardless of size, vision, product, service or country.

The Process

Step One – The Role

Determine the job that this A player needs to do? This can be a job title or a few bullet points which outline exactly what they need to do for you and your business.

Step Two – Impact

Create two to three bullet points detailing what impact this A player will have on your business. Show via these points, what your business will look like if you have this particular A player doing this role.

Step Three – KPI’s

Using bullet points, outline the KPIs that would be put in place for this A player, determining what results this person is going to bring you.

Role Specific Examples

Sales – If the role they are doing is a sales role, what impact will they have on your overall profit?

Marketing – If the role is a Marketing role, what is your cost of acquisition per lead with this A player compared to what you were doing before they joined your company?

Finance – If the role is a finance role, what data points do you have on your dashboard now which you didn’t have before? If you are wondering what a ‘dashboard’ is, then you need to hire a Finance A player into your business.

Step Four Identify A Players

Think back through your career and write down everyone you can think of that you’ve worked with before who could be defined as an A player.

Step Five – Identity Personality Traits

Using the list, you made in step four, write down the personality traits and behaviours that those people portrayed which made them into an A player and set them apart from B and C players.

Step Six – Identify B and C Player

Think back through your career and write down everyone you can think of that you’ve worked with before who could be defined as B and C players and write a list of the personality traits they had which meant that they were B and C players rather than A players.

It’s important to note that it is possible for B and C players to become A players with some personal and professional development.

Step Seven – Talent, Skills and Experience

We’ve talked about personality and behaviours, now we need to examine the people you’ve identified as A players in Step 4 and write a list of their talents, skills and experience.

Step Eight – Where to Find A Players

Your next list will comprise of all the places you can think of where an A player will hang out; where you will find these A players? Do you need the expertise of a recruiter, do you need to network more and if so, where will you network?

Step Nine – Successfully Hire A Players

For this step, you will need to write a new list of five or six bullet points which sell you, your company and your career opportunity to win an A player candidate.

Think about why an A player would want to come and work for you over your competition.

Step Ten – Create a Marketing Document

We now know; what role you need an A player for, the impact you want them to have on your business, what an A player looks like in terms of personality traits, behaviours, talent, skills and experience, where to find them and how to sell your business to them.

The final step is to put all the above information together and create a marketing document which is essentially a job description that sells your business to your ideal candidate.