Every employer should consider the merits of adding psychometric to their recruitment process. These measurement systems are typically used to find out further information on the mind and personality type of a candidate, which can be very difficult to judge during a standard interview process.

Psychometric testing is often used by employers to get a better reading on the candidate in order to get the best fit for a role. It’s believed to deliver a far more objective picture when it comes to strengths, weaknesses, character and working style. Usually, a psychometric test wouldn’t be used in isolation but as one factor in a broader evaluation approach.

What results do psychometric tests find?

They designed to seek out some type of comparative measurement on:

  • Personality profiling
  • Intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Critical reasoning

Here are the advantages of using psychometric tests in hiring:

Find a better employee fit. The employer who uses psychometric testing is looking to increase employee retention with a better fit and to judge what the possible future performance might be of any candidate.

A more scientific judgement on suitability. Results enable the prospective employers to gain more clarity on the suitability of the candidate to the role on offer. It provides a more scientific way to judge whether a person is likely to fit the job offer traits that the company is looking for. In some cases, a candidate may even be offered another role based on the outcome of their test.

Elimination of candidates. Some companies will turn to psychometric testing to perform screen exercises and make it possible to eliminate all those who don’t fit the bill for their vacancy. This can deliver a reduced workload for the hiring manager.

The test may be given using a digital device or more traditionally with pen and paper. Questions are typically asked in a multiple-choice answer format which make them faster to react to, therefore, more likely to enable the candidate to record their gut instinct reaction.

Does psychometric testing sound like something that your business might implement?