Hiring Slow(er)

No, I don’t mean for you to take your time.

What I mean is that I’ve seen loads of business owners and entrepreneurs hire someone based on an impressive CV and 23-minute chat (where mainly the entrepreneur talks about themselves), and it rarely ends well. I don’t want this to happen to you.

There is an argument which also says a CV and interview just don’t cut it if you want to find your absolute ideal new team member. Indeed, if you’ve spent any time with me over the past few years, I regularly talk about the ridiculous way we base our interview shortlisting decisions on a piece of paper called a CV.

CV is not the way to go

The way I see it is if you advertise for a new office administrator, yes, you will be inundated with CVs. Your Inbox will be overflowing, and you may well utter a swear word (or three) and wish you didn’t have to hire. You may even decide to brush aside the applicant reviews to do another inane job which is more fun than reading CVs. I feel your pain.

However, if someone has read your advert and felt ‘compelled’* to apply (more of how people apply for jobs another time), then we owe it to them to review the thing we asked of them, their CV.

I do read every CV I receive. Honestly, I do. 

Unless I am searching for a CV Writer, I review the content, grammar, spelling, format (sometimes) and ultimately, I am reviewing the CV for clear evidence that they ‘could’ be a good first fit for the role.

First fit?

First fit means based on what I see in the CV, is this person worth having a chat with?

They may be a poor CV writer, but hey, it’s unlikely you’re hiring CV writers so let’s invest some time and chat with this person.

Or if you wish, email back, say thanks for their application, give them your website and attach the job ad or job description, and ask them to send you a tailored cover letter as to why they’re spot on for your team in this role.

Now that exercise alone will get rid of plenty of applicants. Some just won’t be bothered to invest their time in reviewing the ad and finding out more about you. That is perfect. We don’t want those candidates.

Second fit?

Have they responded with a tailored cover letter? Fantastic. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Read the cover letters, and you won’t have nearly as many as you did for the first fit, and this will give you a more clear understanding of who you’d like to invite for an initial phone interview.

A little investment of time at this stage will reduce the risk of a poor fit for your new team member for them and you.

  • Update: I use video emails now to get the candidates across from first fit to second fit – ask me about how you can use this very simple technology to change up your recruitment process. Call the office on 0117 290 0208 and ask for Helen with reference to video interview tech.