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Hiring the right person starts with an absolutely top-notch job description – use this 9 step method to ensure your JD is exactly what you, your company and your customers need:

Start off with a top-notch Job Description – here is how to devise one

And if you need more help or just a little guidance about dodgy interview questions or how to write a job ad that works i.e. attracts the right candidates for you (not just any candidate who wants a job), then give us a call and ask for help.

There’s always an opportunity for a discovery call with Helen or one of Your People Partners to see how you can maximise your hiring processes or indeed explore if we can help take some of the stress away for you when it comes to your people and your hiring.

Recruitment does not need to be tricky, take (or waste) time or be super risky.

We’re here to help you so just ask if you need expert support.

The best number is 0117 290 0208 and ask for Helen Sanders (as she’s our Head of Saving You Time and Money When Hiring). You can use the form below or our contact us page to send us a little note asking for us to call you back.

It could be you need your first employee, help with interviewing, or some ideas about how to keep your staff happy (and for it not to cost tonnes of your money).

Or you may need some HR support and one of our HR People Partners may well be able to help – call Helen today on 0117 290 0208 to see if the team can sort out all those frustrating HR issues with minimal stress.

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