The Importance of Leaving All Candidates with A Good Impression


You’ve finally found the candidate that fits your vacancy after lots of searching. They look like a perfect fit for both the job and your company culture!

It’s been a long journey to get here, and you met some genuinely wonderful people amongst the candidates you interviewed.

All good?

You may have had a positive experience, but how can you guarantee that each one of your candidates leaves with the memory of a positive experience and good impressions with your company?

Fair feedback

The fairest way to handle candidates is to provide feedback either directly to them or through your recruitment consultant as soon as you’ve made your decision.

Keeping them on tenterhooks or not contacting them at all will only put your company in a bad light, and potentially discourage them from applying for any future roles.

Word of mouth is mighty.

These days, social media makes any communication about businesses spread further and at a faster pace.

Leaving a wrong impression can soon be news that is in the public domain. A candidate that didn’t hear back from you could understandably feel offended, and adding a negative comment to a publically accessible website such as Google Plus can leave your business with a tarnished reputation.

Keep in mind that although the candidate didn’t join your company this time around, they may be a useful contact in the future. Their next role could even put them into the part of being a crucial influential decision maker in your industry.

They could even become a future customer. You’d never mistreat prospective customers at any point, so it’s wise to not do that with the potential sales manager who looked impressive on paper but was awful in person.

Give thanks

For candidates to leave with a positive lasting impression, all those who took part need to be thanked for their time and provided with constructive feedback. The latter is something that is usually highly appreciated and could help them to secure their next position.

Provide honest feedback; if you feel the candidate performed well, tell them.

Otherwise, give them some indication of how their performance didn’t fit the bill.

Please don’t wait until your final candidate has started their job to inform others that they didn’t make the cut. It’s considered bad form and will not help candidates in their quest to find a new role.

Create a talent pool for the future

Some candidates might be suitable for other roles in the future, and if you take these steps, you’ll be thankful when it’s time for another recruitment drive as you have a ready-made ‘database’ to pick from but ensure you’re GDPR compliant with their data and ask for their permission to keep their CV and contact details.

Your People Partners can guide you through this.

Using our team as your internal hiring experts (where we do become you with one of your company email addresses) ensures your candidates go away always wanting to work for you. They will only ever say good things about their experience with you. And we guarantee to ensure any potential lucrative customer always has an impressive lifetime value to your business.

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