Advantages of Adding Psychometric Tests to Your On-Boarding Process

Always wondered what drives you and your personality?

Ever wondered why you love Billy in sales but Bob in finance kind of grates on you?

Many corporates make it their mission to work out why different people and teams gel.

Just because you’re smaller than a corporate, does not mean you cannot benefit massively from gaining a better understanding of what makes you and your team tick.

How do we do this?


It’s a 10-minute assessment (DISC), but there are plenty of others out there such as Neris Type Explorer or Myers-Briggs.

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool

Every business owner should consider the merits of adding psychometric profiles to their decision-making and onboarding process, NOT to replace a strong recruitment process.

You can add a DISC profile to the pre-offer stage of your hiring process. These types of assessment don’t measure aptitude, experience and skills.

You may wonder, therefore, why I am telling you about this in our Hiring Toolkit.

Well, that’s a simple thing for me to answer.

Successful hiring does not finish when you hire someone!

That new marketing assistant you employed can do so much more for you and breeze through her probationary period if you (or their line manager) understand them a little more than just what you learned during the course of the recruitment process.

These measurement systems used are typically to find out further information on the mind and personality type of a candidate, which can be very difficult to judge during a standard interview process.

Psychometric testing can deliver a far more objective picture when it comes to strengths, weaknesses, character and working style, please again, that warning… please don’t use these assessments in isolation when hiring and onboarding new people to your team.

What can you find out using psychometric assessments?

They are designed to seek out some type of comparative measurement on:

  • Personality profiling
  • Intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Critical reasoning

Here are the advantages of using psychometric tests in your company:

Find a better employee fit

You can use psychometric testing to increase employee retention with a better fit and to judge what the possible future performance might be of any member of your team.

A more scientific judgement on how to get the best out of your staff

Results can enable you to gain more clarity on how best to manage, lead and coach your team.

DISC Assessments

The DISC reports we provide give a more scientific way to know how your key sales staff tick.

You can learn more about what environment and management style each of your team thrives within.

Our DISC reports also give you indicators as to what to look for if they’re stressed or their behaviour changes.

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centres on four different personality traits:

Dominance (D)

Influence (I)

Steadiness (S) and

Conscientiousness (C)

As the business owner, knowing these insights can provide you with useful strategies to explore around your management style and how not everyone in your sales team needs you to be pushy, but direct and detailed in your ambition for them.

Does psychometric testing sound like something that you would like to consider for your team?

One of Your People Partners is a certified DISC expert and has assessed thousands of people in her career. Contact us if you’d like a callback about how we can help you understand your team better.