The Do-Nots of the Hiring Process

Your business is established and sales are on their way up. Naturally the next step in developing your company is to find a team of people who can get your business where it needs to be, and help free up some core hours for you to do what you’re best at doing. Utilising their assets and skills will catapult your business towards your goals, but why spend more on hiring than you need to?

The hiring process is a chore to many in the business world, but that’s because they’re doing it wrong. Hiring the right team doesn’t need to be a long winded process. Neither does it need to be costly. Getting it right the first time means saving your company time and money, which can then be used on further new business and marketing strategies.

Advertising on every job board will help you hire faster

This is a myth and completely false. Advertising a baking position on a nursing job board will not help your cause. Find the correct target audience who are more likely to have the skills you need. Specific niches can be found across the internet which hold the assets (in this case candidate CVs) more tailored to your business. It takes marginally longer to track down but it pays off in the long term.

Filtering CVs takes ages

Contrary to popular business practice, CVs don’t need to be scrutinised under a microscope. Wasting time on reading CVs line by line when they’re not suited to your business is not a productive use of your time (or anyone’s for that matter!).

Skim through each CV with the aim of filtering the ones which may be suitable. Emphasis on may be suitable – on paper. Sometimes the person with the poorest CV are the strongest candidate; they just can’t write a CV. Keep a mental checklist of what you’re looking for and use that to remove the diamonds from the rough (on paper).

No point in telephone interviews and tests

It’s all very well having a pile of CVs of people who, on paper, look like they can do the job. Before bringing in every applicant who seems half-decent, cut your pile down further by making the time to host telephone interviews with them, or ask someone else to help you (a Recruitment VA perhaps?)

Check that the applicant knows what they’re talking about and start to picture the type of employee they are. On the successful completion of a telephone interview the candidate can then move onto perform a test on your premises.

To get the best out of a telephone interview, make sure to schedule them and tell the candidate the name of your company and the remind them of the job for which they applied. Enable them to be at their best. One of your questions has to be to ask about what they know about your business.

CVs are renowned for being fiction in some instances, so testing the skills of the candidates truly separates those who are adequate for the advertised position.

Although tailoring your hiring process takes a little extra time to implement, it saves your business time and money by not wasting training materials on someone who does not fit the bill. Doing the job properly saves you wasting resources on a second attempt on the hiring process.

And if you can’t do it, don’t have the time to do it or simply don’t know where to start, there are recruiters who offer exactly this service. Not all recruiters will fill the gap but some do (and you don’t have to look too far either …!)

You don’t have to try and do it all

Whilst may recruiters have a bad name as quite honestly they only care about placing a candidate anywhere, we here at Your People Partners do things somewhat differently.

If you need a new Office Administrator, we work for you, we’re your ambassadors to ensure we find you the right person for your business. If the candidate you want is also interviewing elsewhere, our role is somewhat different to pretty much all other recruiters. As your ambassador, your in-house recruitment consultant, we ensure we do all we can to help your business.

So where other recruiters are happier the more interviews they secure for a candidate, we do the opposite as we want you to get the right person. We work for you and our role is to support you and your candidate of choice.

Check out here with this Recruitment VA report as to how we can make a difference to your business when hiring.

We do our bit to make sure you can continue to do your bit, run your business! We’ll help find the people you need to help you do that.