Your First Employee

Taking That Leap of Faith ... and Growing Your Company

Recruiting your first employee can be very scary…exciting, of course, but also overwhelming.

Where do you start?
What do I need?
How much do I need to pay them (please don’t ask yourself ‘how little can I get away with paying them…’ as I guarantee it’ll end in tears (usually yours!)

I know that it’s a time when you realise how far you’ve come. However, I also know how daunting it can be as you’ll have all sorts of questions flowing through your already busy mind.

Plus it is scary handing over some responsibility for your business to somebody new. After all, until now only you were accountable to you. Just you knew if you achieved everything on your to-do list today.

It’s also a time when you need to understand what’s involved so that you can handle your duties and obligations as an employer.

Here are a few points that you need to consider when hiring your first employee:

What is this person going to do to help you master more on your to-do list?

This info may help: create a precise job description for this first employee?

I know we business owners have every intention of mastering everything we list on our to-do lists, Evernote or Google tasks… seriously, if there are things you wanted to make happen and just haven’t got round to yet, those tasks can be taken off your desk and actioned by your first employee.

Are they going to be better than you at some of the tasks that until now only you were responsible for?

I’d hope so, otherwise, why are you hiring them.

Ideally, you want someone who is a doer.

They are given tasks and achieve them, quickly, accurately and without fuss.

Your first employee can easily think on their feet. It is their default status. They don’t need any micro-management at all.

There is crystal clear clarity over their and your role in the business (yes, write yourself a job description so your first employee, and you, know what you’re there to do).


Do you need to like your new member of staff?


Of course.


You’re not looking for a new best friend

But you do need to like the person you’re entrusting with tasks which will drive your business forward

NB. You may not agree with how they get through their to-do list, but you love the outcomes they deliver

Thinking about hiring a mini-me?



No way.

Do NOT do it.

Please. Just don’t.

Many business owners think they need to hire a mini version of themselves as their first employee – y’know, up until now it’s been only you and so to split your role and give over some of your tasks means you must need someone like you…. wrong!

I refer you to the answer I gave a few moments ago about your to-do list and achieving things you’re not currently doing. You need a doer, not an ideas creator like yourself.

Some practical things you need to consider:

Do you need a full-time new employee?

When do I start the recruitment process?

Do I need to spend lots of money on recruitment fees to an agency?

Check whether the applicant is suitable

Provide a statement of employment (JD)

Contract of Employment / Employment Agreement

Will you need additional business insurance?

Register with HMRC as an employer

Register with HMRC as an Employer here



If all this leaves you feeling decidedly scared and overwhelmed about where to start, call Your People Partners.

It’s why we’re here.

We exist for you, and to reduce your stress when hiring people!

Ask for further help or a sanity check from Your People Partners if you are in this position where you’re jumping in with both feet and employing your first member of staff.

Our number is 0117 290 0208 and ask for a consultation with Helen Sanders.

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