How do I get my team to perform better?

How do I get my team to perform better?


How do I get my team to perform better scaled - Your People Partners

Are you building a business and want to ensure you get the best out of your employees?

Are you a manager who wants your team to perform better?

It can be really daunting!

The thought of having to keep a whole team of different personalities on track, productive and happy can be a scary one.

In this article, we have included a few tips to help you get your team to perform better.

Delegate and do not micromanage

So, you’re managing a team… that doesn’t mean you should do all of the work (or micromanage other people while they do it).

– You don’t want the other members of the team to feel useless or redundant. Delegating well will make them feel empowered.

– Other people probably have some really great ideas to offer and will provide solutions you haven’t thought of.

– You’re more likely to mess up or burn out if you try and do it all yourself. You will become overwhelmed and probably start resenting everything and everyone!

Question ideas, not people

We all have different opinions; that’s what makes life so interesting!

However, it’s imperative not to get personal when it comes to stating what yours are!

Never tear down and demean other people just because you disagree with them.

Instead of completely dismissing their ideas, or worse branding them ‘stupid’, try to be a little more constructive and balanced “that sounds like a good idea, but what do you think about this..?”

This will open things up to group discussion and is much less confrontational.

At the same time, if people question your ideas, then don’t get defensive about it. It may well be that they are right!

Schedule regular and consistent meetings

Everyone will have different commitments and priorities and, where possible, these should be accommodated for.

But it’s a good idea to set a regular time and place for your team to meet every week, to catch up, talk about progress and move forward. This has the added benefit of keeping people focussed on what’s important.

This will give people an opportunity to plan their week and block out time around the meeting and discourage people from using the ‘I didn’t realise we were meeting’ excuse which so often arises.

Meeting regularly will also allow everyone to check in with one another, so that work is coming together effectively and everyone is familiar with what the team is doing.

Teamwork is much easier and productive when everyone is moving towards the same goal.

Praise your team as often as you can

Human beings like to know when they’re doing a good job. Think about how you feel when someone praises you.

So praising your teammates (and encouraging others to do the same) will boost morale and motivation.

This is especially important if there are people in the team who are shy or unsure of themselves.

Offering positivity will help boost their confidence and they are more likely to work harder.

Praising people will also make you feel good too!

Remember – everyone is important.

Whatever the size of your team, it is crucial to remember that everyone is essential.

There will be big personalities who take charge and talk loudly, and there will be those who sit quietly and get on with it.

Everyone should be treated equally. Be careful to not allow the big personalities to take all the oxygen!

Don’t ignore or deliberately avoid conversation with those who are quieter, as they will feel left out and may do less work as a result.

By getting to know everyone, you will appreciate everyone for their own unique skills and talent, and end up with a really well-rounded team.

It can be a minefield, and there will no doubt be difficulties. We are dealing with people, and we are all different. We find the old adage, treat people how you would want to be treated yourself, is something to keep in mind and a principle to be guided by.

Did you find these tips helpful when it comes to your team‘s performance? We would love to hear about it!

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