How to Ask for a Pay Rise with Confidence

How to Ask for a Pay Rise with Confidence


How to Ask for a Pay Rise with Confidence - Your People Partners

Finally ready to ask for that pay rise, but don’t know how?

There’s no denying that asking for a pay rise can be uncomfortable. 


Talking about money can feel a bit icky. 

We can tend to avoid talking about money for fear of feeling judged, but in reality (especially in business), this particular subject shouldn’t cause discomfort. After all, we do get paid in return for showing up and contributing to the success of the company we work for in whatever capacity we work for them.  

Asking for a pay rise is sometimes necessary when deciding whether or not you will have to start looking for a new job. Times are hard, and the cost of living is going up, resulting in big decisions needing to be made. 

“Can I afford to stay in my current job role?” 

You are not alone in asking this question.

So how exactly do you ask for a pay rise without feeling like you are wasting your time? Here are some tips:

1. Is the timing right?

Of course, the timing is right for you. There’s no time like the present, right? But when it comes to the business you work for, is it right for them? Be thoughtful. If the company is a start-up, has made a few recent redundancies, or you’ve noticed a few cutbacks here and there, the answer is most likely going to be a no.

2. Ask, don’t assume

You may feel like you’ve gone above and beyond throughout your time within the company, but if you go into the meeting with your employer assuming that you are sure to get a pay rise, your confidence might just tip the scale the other way. Hard work or not, your employer has to decide what is best for the business and being considerate of this will work a lot more in your favour.

 3. Show your value

If you put yourself in your employer’s shoes, what would make you more likely to consider giving someone a pay rise? 

We can guarantee that it won’t be the emotional reasons such as:

“I really want to upsize my house” 

It’s more likely to be something like:

“In the last six months, I have saved the company over £50,000”


“In the last 12 months, I’ve created additional revenues of £200,000 without any additional marketing spend”.

It’s likely that Mandy in accounting and Anul in IT would love to upsize their houses too, but did they make a massive profit for the company like you did? 

Show your value in terms of what you have done to benefit the company and prove your worth on a professional scale.

4. Compromise is better than a no

Perhaps you’ve gone into your meeting with a figure in your head, and that’s fine. 

Keep in mind that if you have been fortunate enough to find your employer agreeing to raise your salary, it’s likely that the figure in your head might not be on the table. If your employer offers a little less than you were hoping, remember that it’s still a win.

5. Be respectful

We have all had “bad bosses”, but it’s good to keep in mind that if you have been denied a pay rise, odds are it’s not personal. 

Your employer has a better idea of what’s happening behind the scenes, and your pay rise may not be a great idea right now. The important thing is that you tried, and you have your answer. Now you have the clarity you need to decide your next move. 

Should you wish to keep your job role for a little longer, being disrespectful won’t look great on your performance for growth in the future. And, of course, if you decide to move on, you will want to be able to provide a positive reference.

Are you ready to bite the bullet and ask for that pay rise you’ve been wanting? 

Follow the tips above for your best chance of proving your worth. And if you didn’t quite get the answer you were looking for and are ready to move on, we can help you with that. 

Why not take a look at our current vacancies?

Still need help?

If you would like more advice, feel free to get in touch with the team at Your People Partners. We love to help!

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