How to maintain goals around diversity

How to maintain goals around diversity


How to maintain goals around diversity in a challenging recruitment landscape 1 scaled - Your People Partners

Last updated: 27th October 22

Applies to: Business Owners and Hiring Managers​

Achieving diversity in your hiring process is important, but we all know it’s not always easy to sustain.

Diversity quotas and efforts to hire from underrepresented groups have been around for years, and the effects of racial and gender discrimination are pervasive.

While some companies have made great strides towards equitable hiring practices, many still struggle with how to create diversity in their workforce. To make matters worse, the tech world is changing quickly (and not always for the better) and a lot of us are struggling with how to maintain our goals around diversity during these challenging times.

We’re here to help!

A commitment to diversity is about more than words

It’s something that companies should care about because it just makes sense. An organisation with employees who are representative of its customers and community will be better equipped to serve those people well. A diverse workforce also means more perspectives and ideas on how to run the business, which in turn leads to stronger products and services that resonate with customers.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop there—diversity also pays off when you’re looking for new talent! A wide range of backgrounds and experiences can give your company access to unique perspectives on what makes an ideal candidate for your open positions, helping you make better hiring decisions as well as invest in growth opportunities down the line.

Making sure candidates of colour see your ad

Now that you’ve figured out how to get the word out about your job opening, it’s time to make sure the right people see it. Making sure your ad is visible to diverse candidates means two things:

  • People who are looking for a job
  • People who are looking for a job that is similar to the one you’re offering

Use diverse referral networks and recruiters

It’s important to recognise that referrals are a great way to find candidates who are not in the same network. This can be an asset for diversity goals because it’s easier to hire people who aren’t well-connected or in the same industry, and referrals may help you find diverse candidates whose networks you don’t currently have access to. That said, referrals from diverse networks (workplace diversity groups, minority recruiting organisations) are also worth considering.

Have a clear diversity policy

Having a clear and transparent diversity policy is crucial to achieving diversity goals. It’s important for your company to have a written policy that makes it clear how you plan to promote diversity in your hiring practices, and how all employees will be expected to help with this goal.

The best policies are specific, clearly communicated and enforced consistently—and they should be available to everyone in the company (not just human resources).

Make diversity a team effort

Recruiting teams that can include diverse co-workers, managers, and recruiters are one way to increase the likelihood of finding candidates from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s also crucial to make sure these employees have great training and support so they can perform their duties with excellence.

Another way you can help is by making use of various networks that have been proven time and time again to be effective at connecting candidates with open positions. These could include internal employee referral programs (which should be made available for everyone), or online job boards or social media sites like Indeed that allow you to post jobs in a wider range of ways than most professional networks do.

You must understand and be prepared for bias

Recognising your own bias is the first step toward overcoming it. You might think that you see everyone equally, but there are certain things people are more likely to notice about others than others—and it’s usually things they’re not supposed to be noticing.

If someone is overweight or looks different from you in some other way (like their skin colour), those kinds of physical characteristics have been shown time and time again in studies on human behaviour that they tend to attract attention more often than they don’t.

if you’re looking at resumes today, there’s a chance that a person with a name that doesn’t sound “British” will get pulled out of the pile before someone else who does sound British. It may seem unfair or harsh (and in many ways it is) but recognising this tendency can help us overcome our own biases as recruiters by giving us an extra reminder not to show favouritism where none should exist (or even exists).

Having a companionable team can help you overcome challenges during your hiring process.

Building a team with a strong sense of solidarity will help you overcome challenges. Having a companionable team can help you overcome challenges during your hiring process. A companionable team is one where members feel comfortable sharing ideas, building on each other’s strengths, and feel they are part of something meaningful.

The result is an inclusive environment that allows people to be themselves without fear of being judged or penalised for their differences; a place where everyone feels valued and respected for their contributions; people who have a shared sense of purpose and goals; and finally, individuals whose work is more productive because they take better care of each other as well as themselves.

It’s hard to find the perfect candidates for your open roles when there aren’t enough people applying. But, by following these tips and focusing on diversity goals during recruitment efforts, you can create a more inclusive company culture that will only help you bring in top talent.

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