How to optimise your company website’s careers page

How to optimise your company website’s careers page


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Recruitment can be tricky, so we thought we’d share some hints and tips on how to ensure your company’s website is optimised for your hiring efforts.

Your ‘Careers page’ and the ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet the Team’ pages is prime real estate. You get to share with jobseekers what they can expect from your company and how they can get involved in your mission.

It’s also one of the first places potential employees will look when researching your company.

If you are wondering what to include on your careers page, here are the top 7 suggestions we have for you to optimise your website:


1. A brief overview of your company’s mission

In addition to your company’s About page, your careers page is the perfect place to introduce yourself as an employer of choice, and why you’re different from your competitors.

For example, if you own a restaurant chain with locations all over the country, you might explain how each one has its unique atmosphere and menu:

You could also go into detail about the menu items such as:

  • How many choices there are
  • How everything is made fresh daily using only organic ingredients.
  • Then finish off by explaining why customers love visiting and coming back time and again: “The friendly service and great food keep them coming back again and again.”


2. An explanation of the company culture

We’ve all seen the “about us” section on the careers page of a company website.

It usually explains what the company does, how long it has been around and maybe gives a bit of background about its history. But when it comes to getting someone excited about your company, that description just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Asking for applicants with an impressive CV is one thing—but asking them if they want to work somewhere where they can use their talents? That’s something else entirely!

To get potential employees interested in what you do at your company (and convince them that it would be worth their time to apply), you must give them something more than just facts and figures: You need to be upfront and proud about your company values, so they’ll know exactly why working with your team will be great for them!


3. Photos, videos and employee testimonials… and more videos

Whilst written content is essential, photos and videos can greatly add to your page.

Typically, videos and photos are more engaging than text, and they can show prospective employees a different side of your company.

It’s more personal and approachable!

“Video brings your company to life”

Another great and hugely beneficial feature you can add to your careers page is testimonials from your current employees. Ultimately, we all want to find a work environment that feels welcoming and motivating.

Sharing positive feedback from your existing team will be a great way of demonstrating that.


4. A job board-style listing of current opportunities

Visitors to your Careers or Join the Team page may be more likely looking for information on your current job vacancies. So, make sure you have your job vacancies listed!

Create a list of all the positions you have open and add them to the page. It’s essential that you include the following information:

  • Brief description of the job
  • Location and salary range
  • Contact information for your hiring team, hiring manager or Your People Partners if we’re your recruitment agency of choice
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5. Company Benefits

Whilst some companies may not have any employee benefits in place, you should be shouting about it if you do!

Showing off your great benefits might feel like a humble brag, but let’s be honest here… showing potential employees the extras you have in place to benefit your team can be huge when trying to stand out from your competitors.

We say, be proud and shout loud!

Our team here at Your People Partners has plenty of benefits to shout about:

And we work with the brilliant team at Excellect in Bristol to ensure we can offer a cost-effective yet crucial Medical Cash Plan. Full transparency, if you speak with Excellect and let them know we sent you, they’ll make a donation to an awesome charity called Young Lives v. Cancer (formerly CLICSargent).


6. Show a clear CTA

Just as with any page on your website, you will need a call to action (CTA) for anyone who lands on your careers page. If they’re there and reading about you as an employer of choice, then give them an easy way to tell you about them.

There are many ways to add a call to action, but here are some good examples:

  • Make sure that your call to action clearly states what you want.
  • This could be something as simple as “apply now.”
  • If possible, include a link directly to an email so potential job applicants/candidates can access it immediately without having to search around or dig through other pages on your website.
  • Alternatively, you can use a contact page as a short form application form. Ask for their name, email, mobile and CV.
  • Make sure your call to action states the next step in the process.
  • And do not ask for their info if you’ve not got a human-sounding automated response that thanks them for taking the time to reach out. Give them a phone number and human being’s name and job title to reach out to if they have any questions. Make yourselves accessible to them. Your competitors may well not do this… so take advantage and make yourselves easy to reach.

7. Use a branded careers page URL 

A branded careers page URL creates an opportunity for candidates to visit your careers site and learn more about your company. This can increase the traffic to the site, but it also has another benefit. Your branded careers page helps candidates feel confident that they’re visiting a legitimate website by providing them with a recognisable.

An example of a branded careers page is:

Your People Partners Perks at Work graphic showing benefits
screenshot of company careers page on website

Or here is another (for one of our favourite hiring partners):

screenshot of company careers page on website

And a third example for you (again, love helping these people):

screenshot of company careers page on website

It’s all about that trust, right?

In addition to these benefits, there are several things you should consider when choosing a URL for your career portal. Easy-to-remember URLs tend to rank higher than difficult ones in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can make all the difference in attracting potential candidates who might otherwise overlook your company due to its lack of recognition among their peers.

People usually start their new job search with a Google search. So making your page easy to find in Google, is an easy strategy to win (other search engines are available but not sure when I last used bing to find a new job!)

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Still need help?

Ready to up your careers page game? Feel free to take a look at ours and get in touch if you have any questions. We love to help!

Applies to: Business Owners and Managers

Updated: Nov 22nd 2022

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