A comparison of the Services offered by Your People Partners v Traditional Recruitment Agencies.

Trust is at the core of our recruitment process. We’re proud to provide a truly transparent service, giving you confidence in each position filled with no hidden fees or surprises - backed by our commitment guarantee.

See for yourself how we stack up against traditional agencies – check out the detailed comparison table below!


Most External Recruiters
What We Offer
Take your Job Description
Review your JD – or write a new one for you
Help you develop your Employer Brand
Review your hiring process or guide you if this is your first hire
Advertise Your Job in their agencies cookie cutter format (using their branding and keeping your company name confidential)
Create an advert that is crafted in a bespoke manner in order to attract the right type of person and detract the wrong person.
Advertise on a favoured job board.
Advertise your vacancy on your LinkedIn Company Page
Advertise your vacancy with your Company name front and centre on a host of premium job boards
Salary benchmarking and market insights. Discuss employee benefit packages that will make you look more attractive to potential employees.
Check their Database against CV keywords
Candidate Outreach and Resourcing
Review your onboarding plan or start to create one for you
Agree hiring timeline
Agree hiring timeline

During Hiring

Most External Recruiters
What We Offer
Send you as many CVs as possible that match the JD keywords
Use our proven YPP Recruitment Framework which allows applicants to share with us more about who they are, what they’re looking for and what makes them tick
Send a candidate’s CV to you and your competitors looking for the same skillset/key words
We work for you – all your candidates are yours alone.
Phone screening, often not sharing who you are for fear other recruiters will find out about your vacancy
Phone or video interview depending on the role. Use our expertise to create a considered longlist for assessment – whilst also ensuring the prospective candidate learns more about who you are, what you stand for and buys in to your opportunity
Assess for cultural add and role-specific skills
Present a shortlist of candidate profiles made up of CV, Questionnaire (which includes video/audio) and Assessment
Set up interviews for you and your competitors
Set up interviews for you and only you. Advise on structure / questions if necessary
Negotiate salary
Negotiate salary having advised you of what’s needed to ensure your ideal new employee comes on board and everyone feels good about it
Confirm start date and sometimes take references
Confirm start date
Initiate the pre-boarding process on your behalf
Start reference process
Draft and send employment agreements, if necessary
Finalise onboarding plan
Initiate ‘candidate success program’, which continues for the first 12 months of their employment
Proactively support candidates during their transition to your team including guidance on how to resign well from their current employer


Most External Recruiters
What We Offer
Call on first day to check-in… and ensure your new employee is there so they can raise the invoice
Call on first day to check in and properly start ‘Candidate Success Program’ which includes…
Monthly check-in calls with both you and your new employee
Support at month 3 and month 6 for the midway probationary review and probationary period review
Support through the honeymoon period transition
Troubleshoot any issues if they arise
Sliding scale fee rebate for first 12 weeks of employment only.
FREE replacement if having followed onboarding plan the hire doesn’t work out. Guaranteed for up to a whole year.


Most External Recruiters
What We Offer
Their Terms (T&Cs) are usually attached to the CV, email or on their website – you agreeing to interview someone is taken as acceptance of their terms
Our Terms are sent across with a proposal for your review, discussion and signature
Fees are a percentage of the starting salary and typically between 15-30%. Difficult to find any precise fee information. Complete fee is invoiced on first day.
Our fees are transparent and fair. Our fees are typically 20% (max 25%) and split across 3-12 equal monthly payments.
Contingency – you only pay them the fee if you select one of their candidates and are always helping your competitors to hire the same talent.
Retained – we work and partner with you, and not your competitors
A portion of the fee is due upfront to help with set up costs and ensure commitment
Easy payment terms; up to 12 month payment plan (via GoCardless)
We will not hire your new employee back out of your company. We believe this practice is unethical.

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Recruit with us with the peace of mind of our 12 month replacement guarantee

When you work with us we’re confident that you’ll find our recruitment process and the quality of the candidates we give
you top-notch, but we know that sometimes things don’t work out.

That’s why you are fully protected by our 12 Month replacement Guarantee. If your new team member leaves or isn’t a good fit we’ll get back to work to replace them for no extra fee.

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Client Testimonials

Real Businesses Real Success

Halcyan Water Conditioners, Samantha Mant - Your People Partners - Your People Partners
Samantha Mant
Halcyan Water Conditioners
I can’t praise Helen and her team at Your People Partners highly enough. They are a world away from my experiences with other recruitment agencies. They have been helping me to recruit a new sales team and its not all gone smoothly but throughout they’ve been fantastic, supportive and fast to respond. We opted for the 12 month service package and its proved so valuable. Their shortlisting and interviewing was excellent and saved me so much time and trouble, Kay-Lee seemed to really ‘get’ who we are and what we were looking for. Overall a 10 star service, great people with great attitudes. We’ll definitely be working with them in the future and recommending them to everyone.
LOGO Shadow Robot - Your People Partners - Your People Partners
Monika Jercha
Financial Manager,
The Shadow Robot Company
Helen and her team accompanied us for years in expanding our team in all business areas; including: admin, finance, logistics, project management, engineers, etc. Helen’s team is easy to work with, and they quickly learned our company culture and needs. Through the years, we have relied on Helen with recruitment with complete trust. As a company, we felt looked after and became friends with Helen. Having Helen and her team as a recruiter is a comforting feeling.
MD of The Good Marketer, Tom Welbourne - Your People Partners - Your People Partners
Tom Welbourne
Managing Director & Founder,
The Good Marketer
I would highly recommend Your People Partners – they are very much an extension of our team and have been extremely hands on with supporting our HR and Recruitment requirements. Having worked with numerous recruiters over the years, YPP are not like them at all and completely different to traditional recruiters which is a breath of fresh air. Their approach is very much strategic yet supportive. If you’re on the edge, give them a call – you won’t be disappointed!

Book a quick 20 minute call to discover how we’re different.