Hiring New Staff but dislike using Recruitment Consultants? You need this Expert Report

Don't dismiss using the time and cost saving services an experienced Recruitment Consultant can offer until you read this...

Not many Business Owners feel the huge fees charged by recruiters are warranted when it's a company of 5-20 people who need their next employee.

Plus do you ever really feel they care whether your company does well or whether the person they find does well for you?

You can still utilise the expertise of a recruitment consultant to access your local talent pool in an efficient, professional way by using a Recruitment Virtual Assistant.

It's guaranteed to be a far more pleasant experience than engaging with your traditional agencies ... and will save you time and money guaranteed.

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Helen Sanders is on a mission.

She wants to rid the country of bad recruitment practices and ensure Business Owners who do want to expand their team have access to professional experts who canease the way through the hiring process.

There are no excuses for paying vast fees to recruiting agents who could not care less whether your company thrives or whether Bob joins as your new marketing guy and loves working with you. It all short-term-ism and hitting targets to see how many CVs they can send out. What a load of rubbish!

You deserve more as a Business Owners deserve more and as such, Helen set up WingroveTailored to help people like you access excellent, professional recruitment help but on your terms.

You can pick and choose which part of the process you want to save time and money on, and Helen along with her expert team will support and guide you, with theprimary goal of ensuring all business owners can reduce the stress involved in hiring new staff.

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at what other business owners say about Helen and her team at WingroveTailored.

Steven Foster Steven Foster, CEO - smith+henderson

Helen transformed our original job advert, attracting almost 40 applications in three weeks. She complemented this by finding some great candidates on various CV databases at speed.

Throughout the whole process, her communication was outstanding and she kept us informed throughout the process.

She helped shortlist candidates for face-to-face interviews, providing great insight into their motivations, strengths and weaknesses. This all resulted in us recruiting our new team member who really fits the role and our culture. We couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Danny Hanlon Danny Hanlon, COO - Rocksolid Granit (UK) Ltd

Helen is a thoroughly professional individual and she has made a significant difference to our organisation, helping us identify and recruit talented team members.

Helen really does care about finding the right people for our company and she is passionate when it comes to understanding a company’s culture to ensure the best possible appointment.