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In-House Recruitment Service

The UK’s most comprehensive Recruitment and On-Boarding Support for SMEs and Business Owners

Our In-House Recruitment service takes all the hiring out of your hands and stops all those recruiters dumping CVs in your Inbox.

We take full control of your hiring as though we are working next to you in your office.

We use your social media assets as well as our own ability to buy job adverts at more cost-effective prices to source candidates for your vacancies.

Before we even get to that stage, however, we ensure that the person you need is actually the right hire for you and your team at that stage of your financial year and is what the business needs.

We will also liaise with recruiters with whom you’ve previously worked to ensure we are covering the market as much as possible but put you more in control with your own recruitment T&Cs which external recruiters can either agree to or not.

Some niche vacancies will always need input from experts in that field and we work well with them to ensure you secure the best talent for your business.

Other vacancies which come into IT, sales, marketing, finance, office support, ops are roles we feel very confident in being able to help you with.

As such, the In-House Talent Acquisition and Recruitment service help to:

  • reduce your reliance on external recruiters
  • reduce recruitment fee expenses each year
  • build up your own talent pools so you don’t start from scratch each time you hire
  • develop and implement hiring processes which you can rinse and repeat for each hire
  • ensure your hiring functions are scalable to match your business growth
  • nurture hiring skills for you and your team
  • improve your employer brand and make sure local people know about you as an employer of choice
  • significantly reduce the poor hires and costs associated

The key advantages of working with us as your In-House Recruitment and Talent Acquisition team:

Advantage number 1:

  • Potential new employees have far better recruitment experience which in turn improves staff retention

Advantage number 2:

  • You also will be far more in control of the process and this helps to reduce the costs associated and risk of poor hires

This service works for small, but growing, entrepreneurial businesses

Don’t be led to believe that it’s only the big companies and corporates who can afford an internal recruitment team. Your People Partners exist to ensure you can compete for the talent you need and make the task of growing your team a far easier one every single time you hire new staff.

Tricky HR problems?

We even have an HR expert as part of our team to help you solve any tricky human resource situations which do crop up from time to time.

Our HR expert loves to solve what can be very stressful situations and as a small business, that type of stress can paralyze you for weeks and sometimes months.

On-Boarding is a priority

Because we manage the entire process of hiring your next PA, marketing manager, sales consultant, we don’t disappear when they join your team.

We stick around to support both you and the new team member and ensure their onboarding process with you is smooth and to iron out any inevitable issues which can crop up in the first 3-6 months.

Have a chat with Helen to explore if Your People Partners could be Your People Partners (see what we did there?)

Set up a Hiring Strategy Call with Helen to let her and the team take all the stress off of your shoulders for your next hire and beyond.


Rather have a lower cost option, we can find you a shortlist of engaged, assessed and interviewed candidates, perhaps our Low-Cost Recruitment Shortlist service is more of what you need.

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