Promoting mental health for a global workforce is crucial to your business

The first step in promoting mental health in the workplace is understanding that everyone has a right to healthy work conditions. As an employer, you can set yourself and your employees up for success by creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture. This involves practising self-awareness of the strengths and values of both you and your team […]

Is it difficult to recruit good employees?

Building a business and deciding to recruit employees is rewarding, but can be fraught with danger, and the costs of getting it wrong are considerable. Recruiting employees is risky and it makes good sense to stack the odds in your favour.  UK businesses are failing to recruit the right person for two out of five roles […]

Freelancer or Permanent Employee?

With rapidly changing external environments (political, technological, environmental etc) and an inevitable increasing demand for highly skilled and talented individuals it can sometimes make sense for businesses to consider hiring a freelancer. As a business owner, I have to be innovative, flexible and adaptable to all the changes happening in our workplaces today in order […]

7 Characteristics of a New Employee for SMEs

Hiring your first employee? Or expanding your team? Don’t know where to start? Worried about getting it wrong? In terms of looking for what you need, start with these 7 core questions every time you hire.  As the business owner, can you afford to go wrong when hiring your first employee or adding to your small team? You’d […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring for a Small Team

small working team

If you’re a small business owner, you know that hiring the right person for your team is crucial. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when hiring for a small team: – Not paying attention to how their values align with your own– Hiring too quickly and not taking enough time to get to know them– […]