Why it’s important to include salary in your job adverts

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When it comes to job adverts, one of the most important things to include is a salary range. Not only does this give potential applicants an indication of what to expect. It also helps attract the right people who are looking for roles that meet their financial expectations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why […]

How to optimise your company website’s careers page

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Recruitment can be tricky, so we thought we’d share some hints and tips on how to ensure your company’s website is optimised for your hiring efforts. Your ‘Careers page’ and the ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet the Team’ pages is prime real estate. You get to share with jobseekers what they can expect from your company and […]

Employer Brand: how to portray your company

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Last updated: 27th October 22 Applies to: Business Owners​ Have you been thinking about how to portray your employer brand? What exactly is an employer brand? As business owners, we each have a unique story. How did you get where you are now? Why did you set up your company? Who are you striving to […]