Your Ultimate Guide To Hiring Your First Employee

A startup company is only as successful as its employees. If you are working on building your own company, you will require a team all employees dedicated to your brand and ready to help you grow. Hiring your first employee is a significant step toward a prosperous future for your organization. When hiring your first […]

Powerful Must-Have Job Interview Questions for Cultural Fit

When it comes to the hiring process, employers want to ensure that their new employees will fit with the company culture.  At Your People Partners, we are great believers that finding a candidate based on cultural add over their skillset makes a huge, positive difference in growing your team and helping your business thrive. What […]

Why You Need to use Video in Remote Employee Onboarding

The Benefits of Using Video in your company’s Remote Employee Onboarding Remote employee onboarding can be challenging for any business, but it doesn’t have to be. By utilizing video, employers can ensure a successful onboarding experience for all remote employees. Video is an effective tool for introducing new employees to your company culture, mission, and […]

The Ultimate Questions to Ask When Hiring a Head of Sales

Searching for the best questions to ask when interviewing a head of sales? Look no further! This blog post will review the top 10 job interview questions you should use when hiring a head of sales. Asking the right questions can be the difference between finding the perfect candidate and missing out on a great […]

Why it’s important to include salary in your job adverts

When it comes to job adverts, one of the most important things to include is a salary range. Not only does this give potential applicants an indication of what to expect. It also helps attract the right people who are looking for roles that meet their financial expectations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why […]

Remote Onboarding: How to Nail It for Your New Employee

Welcome to the world of remote onboarding! As a business owner, you know that bringing on new employees can be an exciting time of growth and new opportunities. But when your employee is remote, it can also come with a unique set of challenges. That’s why it’s essential to ensure you have a comprehensive plan […]

What to Do When Recruiting Your New Head of Marketing

Recently 8.6% of all leading media advertising companies have reported an upward revision of their current marketing efforts. Although marketing is a complicated industry, you need the right people to do the job correctly. Otherwise, your customers will go to other businesses for services and buy from other sellers. That’s why you need a head of marketing […]

How Using a Recruiter Saves You Both Time and Money

male looking at a document in his hand whilst sitting at a desk with an open laptop

Did you know that 49% of potential employees decline a job offer because of a poor recruitment experience? Simply put, it pays to invest in your company’s recruitment process. Whether you’re just starting and don’t have the time to screen candidates yourself, or you’ve been in business for a while and are feeling overwhelmed by […]

How to optimise your company website’s careers page

two women looking at a laptop in an office space

Recruitment can be tricky, so we thought we’d share some hints and tips on how to ensure your company’s website is optimised for your hiring efforts. Your ‘Careers page’ and the ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet the Team’ pages is prime real estate. You get to share with jobseekers what they can expect from your company and […]

How to onboard your new remote employees successfully

two person remote meeting from office space via laptop

Last updated: 27th October 22 Applies to: Business Owners and Hiring Managers​ Congratulations on making your new remote hire! Your business is growing and you’re ready to bring new people into the fold! If you’ve hired a remote employee, maybe this is your first time onboarding someone who doesn’t physically come into the office. That’s […]

Candidate Experience: why it’s important

employer working on laptop from home

Last updated: 27th October 22 Applies to: Business Owners and Hiring Managers​ If you are about to start the hiring process in your business and haven’t thought about candidate experience, you might want to hit that pause button!   What is candidate experience? In short, candidate experience is: The experience candidates have with your company […]

How to maintain goals around diversity

diversity of hands grouped on top of each others hands showing support

Last updated: 27th October 22 Applies to: Business Owners and Hiring Managers​ Achieving diversity in your hiring process is important, but we all know it’s not always easy to sustain. Diversity quotas and efforts to hire from underrepresented groups have been around for years, and the effects of racial and gender discrimination are pervasive. While […]

How to create powerful recruitment campaigns that work

employee meeting in a bright office space

The hiring process and creating innovative recruitment campaigns is one of the most expensive, time-consuming and, frankly, painful tasks that companies face. It’s overwhelming to say the least! While it’s true that finding talent is tough in a fiercely competitive environment when top candidates are being snapped up faster than you can say “interview”, many […]