Employer Brand : How to portray your company

As business owners, we each have a unique story. How did we get here? Why did we set up our company? Who are we striving to help? And what’s it like to work at our companies? So why is it important to think about this when hiring new people? When looking to grow your team […]

Promoting mental health for a global workforce is crucial to your business

The first step in promoting mental health in the workplace is understanding that everyone has a right to healthy work conditions. As an employer, you can set yourself and your employees up for success by creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture. This involves practising self-awareness of the strengths and values of both you and your team […]

How to create innovative recruitment campaigns that work

The hiring process and creating innovative recruitment campaigns is one of the most expensive, time-consuming and, frankly, painful tasks that companies face. While it’s true that finding talent is tough in a fiercely competitive environment when top candidates are being snapped up faster than you say “interview”, many organisations make the challenge even more difficult by failing […]

How do I get my team to perform better?

Are you building a business and want to make sure you get the best out of your employees? Are you a manager who needs to make sure people are performing?  It can be really daunting! The thought of having to keep a whole team of different personalities on track, productive and happy can be a scary […]