WingroveTaylor MD, Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders
Managing Director

Strategic Recruitment Partner & Coach

(Start-up and Entrepreneurial Company Recruitment Expert)

Greatest success in recruitment: Being asked to open a recruitment office in Chicago at the age of 26 and helping to grow a company to meet their vision and goals from 16 staff to 25 over the course of 12 months (and all staff are still there and doing brilliantly).

Most embarrassing moment: Stepping on Elton John’s big toe. If you want to know the rest of the story, you’ll have to buy me lunch.

Favourite food spot: OXO Brasserie, London. I took my mum there for Mother’s Day and the combination of jazz, fine food and great company made it a fantastic place for lunch.

Famous for: Being the first female football commentator with BBC Radio and also doing voiceovers for Capital Radio, London from the age of 14.


Gemma O’Hara
Head of Making Things Run Like Clockwork

Greatest career success: I started in the car finance industry, in the post room, aged 17 and by my 30th birthday, I was the MD of the UK’s most successful brokerages.

Most embarrassing moment: I once walked into (and bounced off of) Martin Johnson’s chest after an England match (that we won)! and nearly knocked myself out.

Favourite food: Pasta, steak (sorry, burnt to a crisp)! And I loved my 40th birthday lunch at the The Ritz. Simply amazing.

Famous for: Not knowing I was 5mths months pregnant … twice!


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