Callum Robinson

People Partner

Recruitment Career Success: Well, if you take being part of the Your People Partners team aside, then it would the success I have had building and developing relationships with both candidates and clients who have gone on to grow some of their business’s to be global successes.

Most embarrassing moment: On day 3 of moving to Spain to play football in Gibraltar, I lost my passport (you require ID to get in and out of Gibraltar)… I, therefore, had to smuggle my way back into Gibraltar to visit the Embassy or it was a 4-hour journey to Malaga! If Immigration Control is reading this, I am sorry, I didn’t cause any harm.

Favourite Food: Has to be Pizza… although I do make a very good Homemade Crispy Shredded Beef.

I know what you’re thinking:

‘what’s the recipe?’… nice try it’s a Robinson specialty.

Famous For: My Homemade Crispy Shredded Beef… see, you’re even more intrigued now!