Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders

Chief People Partner and Founder

Greatest success in recruitment: My first success was being asked to open a recruitment office in Chicago at the age of 26. My second greatest success is helping to grow an entrepreneurial tech company to meet its vision and goals from 15 staff to 48 over the course of 42 months.

Most embarrassing moment: Stepping on Elton John’s big toe (and he’s still standing… see what I did there?) If you want to know the details, you’ll have to buy me lunch.

Favourite food spot: OXO Brasserie, London. I took my Mum there for Mother’s Day, and the combination of jazz, fine food and great company made it a fantastic place for lunch with my Mum. Swiftly followed by Brasserie Ruhlmann in Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan and again, my mum and I went there on our trip to NYC. And finally, on a 2023 trip to Marbella with my parents, we went to a very busy, traditional Spanish restaurant called Los Albanicos in Benahavis. It was more about the fact I was there with my parents at the end of a lovely holiday than the place itself, although their house red was rather nice!

Famous for: Being the first female football commentator with BBC Radio back in the 1990s (yes, I am that old!) and also doing voiceovers for Capital Radio, London, from the age of 14.