Helen Sanders

Chief People Partner and Founder

Greatest success in recruitment: Being asked to open a recruitment office in Chicago at the age of 26 and helping to grow a company to meet their vision and goals from 22 staff to 36 over the course of 18 months (and all staff are still there and doing brilliantly).

Most embarrassing moment: Stepping on Elton John’s big toe. If you want to know the rest of the story, you’ll have to buy me lunch.

Favourite food spot: OXO Brasserie, London. I took my mum there for Mother’s Day and the combination of jazz, fine food and great company made it a fantastic place for lunch. Swiftly followed by Brasserie Ruhlmann in Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan and again, my mum and I went there on our trip to NYC.

Famous for: Being the first female football commentator with BBC Radio and also doing voiceovers for Capital Radio, London from the age of 14.