Kay-lee Berry

Kay-lee Berry

People Partner

What is your greatest success in recruitment?

Over the years, I was tasked with recruiting individuals for various divisions within the company, from admin-related roles in the fast food industry and sous chefs in the hospitality industry to travel experts in the travel industry. My greatest success in recruitment has been successfully filling multiple vacancies in various industries. In addition to this, most of the vacancies I have filled have celebrated many years within the particular company.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I studied hospitality after school and had to intern at a hotel. On my first day, I was feeling rather queasy and nauseous. To get to the embarrassing moment, we had an introductory meeting that morning that included our Front of House Manager, Assistant Front of House Manager, Head of Concierge and Guest Liaison Officers.

The first thing my manager asked me was whether I was feeling fine; I intended to tell him I am feeling rather ‘fragile’. On the contrary, I answered (in front of the team) that I was feeling rather ‘fertile’, but I will be just fine.

I did not realise at the time that the team was staring at me in a rather peculiar manner. The manager said I am lucky to feel that way so early in the morning.

I did not quite understand his response. Only a few minutes later did I realise what I had said after being told by one of our Liaison Officers. I said fertile instead of fragile! From then on, I think rather hard about what I am about to say.

What is your favourite food?

I do not have a favourite food spot; however, I do enjoy Indian cuisine. I will not look further if my eye catches Butter Chicken.

From a dessert aspect, I absolutely adore macarons.

What are you most famous for/known for?

Firstly, I was born with teeth…two to be exact and secondly, I can communicate perfectly with liquid in my mouth, whether water, a soft drink, or even coffee.