Having dealt with a few recruitment consultants, Helen and her team at Your People Partners clearly stand out a mile for the following reasons.

Helen will go above and beyond what a ‘normal’ recruitment consultant would do.

I ‘thought’ I had a role in mind that needed filling, it would have been easy for Helen just to put it out there.

However, what she actually did was to really dig deep and delve into my company and what staff I already had. She then helped me to ‘remaster’ in detail the role that I had come to her with and we ended up employing a lady who not only fit into the team perfectly but also took a lot of the tasks that I was doing on, meaning that I now have a bit more time on focusing on growing the business.

Helen and her team really know their stuff and I would not hesitate to recommend Your People Partners to anyone, no matter what role they were wanting to fill.

Rowena Hicks Managing Director, The Training Society