Essential Recruitment Marketing Strategies To Attract the Right People

Essential Recruitment Marketing Strategies To Attract the Right People


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Recruiting top talent is essential for the growth of your business. However, finding the right candidates can be daunting, especially when there is tough competition for the same talent pool. Your business must develop a robust talent recruitment marketing strategy to ensure you stand out and attract the best candidates. Let’s explore eight essential recruitment marketing strategies to attract the right people, and detract the wrong ones.

1. Create a Strong Employer Brand

A strong employer brand is critical in attracting the best candidates.

When your company has a positive reputation, it is easier to attract good candidates.

Focus your efforts in showing an employer brand that showcases your company culture, values, and mission. Building a strong employer brand requires consistent messaging across all channels, including social media, your job postings, and website.

Ask your current team to complete Glassdoor reviews so there is social proof out there about what it’s like to work for your company. Create social media posts from their Glassdoor reviews. Add what they say about you to your job adverts.

And don’t be shy with your brand. If you use the odd swear word in your marketing to clients/customers, do the same in your employer brand output.

2. Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for talent recruitment.

You can leverage social media platforms to engage with potential candidates and showcase their company culture. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent platforms for sharing job postings, company news, and employee stories.

By engaging with potential applicants and candidates on social media, you can build relationships and attract good people.

3. Develop a Compelling Careers Page

A compelling careers page is very helpful in attracting the best candidates.

The page should be easy to navigate and provide all the necessary information about the company, current and any future vacancies, and your application process.

Be sure to showcase the company culture and values. Videos are particularly useful for your company page in sharing what life is like at your company.

You can include employee testimonials, videos, and photos to provide a glimpse into the company’s work environment.

4. Attend Career Fairs and Events

Attending career fairs and events is an effective way to attract top talent. You can showcase your brand and vacancies whilst engaging with potential candidates. It is also a good opportunity to network and build relationships with other professionals.

5. Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits

Offering a competitive salary and benefits package is critical in attracting top talent.

You can easily research industry standards by putting your candidate hat on and using Reed, Monster, Indeed or another site. Imagine you’re looking for a new job as a Marketing Executive, and you’re in Bristol. Open up one of the job boards, and search for those jobs in Bristol. Some recruiters never put salaries on their adverts. However, there should be plenty that do so you can start your research there. You can also do the same search in Google which amalgamates lots of job board adverts so there’s plenty of data out there.

In addition, we highly recommend you speak with our employee benefits partners at Excellect. They are a whole of market employee benefits company. They can help scour the market for a selection of benefits to suit your company and budget.

We also make full use of flexible benefits to support our team’s well-being. Our go-to provider is With Juno where our company contributes to our employees each month via their platform. Then our team can select exactly how they wish to spend their Juno points. One of our team bought Airpods, another invested in plants to make their home office a healthier place to be, and another bought flights from Cape Town to Dubai!

6. Create Engaging Job Adverts

Creating engaging job adverts is critical in attracting the best candidates for your company.

Job descriptions are one document that is clear and concise on the job itself. The job advert serves a different purpose. It is what’s used to attract the right people to apply in the first place.

Make the job advert engaging by including information about your company’s culture, values, and mission. Make people nod their heads as they read your ad. Show them what type of team they’d be joining if they do apply. Equally, include info that may detract the wrong person. If you have office dogs, please add this to your advert. No point getting to the interview stage at your office and they’re afraid, don’t like or are allergic to our canine friends.

7. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is another effective way to attract top talent. Create videos that showcase your company culture and work environment. Videos can also include employee testimonials and interviews with you, the business owner.

Video is absolutely the best way to showcase your company’s brand and attract top talent.


Attracting the best candidates requires a robust talent recruitment marketing strategy. Companies can create a strong employer brand, leverage social media, develop a compelling careers page, use employee referral programs, attend career fairs and events, offer competitive compensation and benefits, create engaging job descriptions, and use video marketing. Companies can attract top talent and build a winning team by implementing these strategies.

At Your People Partners, our recruitment strategy goes beyond simply filling vacancies and discovering potential candidates. We strive to comprehensively understand your business in order to effectively place team members who can contribute to your success at any stage of development.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your recruitment!

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