Just giving people a salary and a nice office plus an interesting enough job is not enough.

Noone goes to work purely for salary. Fact.

Neither do they go to work because they get free coffee in the office.

They also don’t come into work because their job is kind of interesting.

Hayes’ has recently completed a survey of exactly what you need to offer new staff and your existing team members. This list makes your talent attraction and acquisition much easier:

Here are the top factors that candidates take into consideration when entering the recruitment process with your company or your competitors:

1. The company will invest in their personal development (82%)

2. The company makes clear their products and services (76%)

3. Shows the candidate a career plan (76%)

4. Has a public commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (73%)

5. Offers the candidate an increase in their current salary (72%)

6. Has clearly defined company brand values (68%)

7. Has a public commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (61%)

8. Has employee testimonials and reviews (55%)

9. Has a clearly defined Employee Value Proposition (51%)

10. The company makes their financial performance public (48%)


How many of these top factors can you, hand on heart, say that as a business owner, you can offer now and in the future.

Pick one and do it.

Use your careers pages on your website, LinkedIn pulse articles, Twitter feed to shout about your team’s personal career development achievements.

Even if you are currently a company with three staff, these factors as to why people change jobs and consider your company as their next move, are incredibly important to be mindful of when setting out your hiring strategy.

A company of three people who have dreams and aspirations of doubling and tripling in size in the near future can make their recruitment a little easier with some of these factors as a key part of their hiring process.