Why it’s important to include salary in your job adverts

Why it’s important to include salary in your job adverts


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When it comes to job adverts, one of the most important things to include is a salary range.

Not only does this give potential applicants an indication of what to expect. It also helps attract the right people who are looking for roles that meet their financial expectations.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it is so important to advertise a salary range in job adverts.

What is the purpose of advertising a salary range on job adverts?

Advertising a salary range on job adverts is essential to attracting the right candidates for any role. Not only does it provide an incentive for potential applicants, but it also helps to ensure that employers remain competitive in the marketplace.

You can also add to and maintain your employer brand by advertising a salary range. You can demonstrate your commitment and culture of providing transparency. This can help create trust and loyalty between you and potential employees. As the jobseeker, they know they’ll be rewarded fairly for their work. As a result, employers can ensure that their job adverts stand out from the competition and attract the highest-quality candidates for the position.

In addition, by advertising a salary range in job adverts, you can more easily control costs when it comes to recruiting new staff. You, the business owner, can set a budget and select potential employees based on your budget. It also means outside pressures or other variables are not influencing you. By setting a salary range, you potentially have greater control over the hiring process. You also ensure that your organisation remains within budget.

Ultimately, advertising a salary range on job adverts helps you create and maintain your employer brand, demonstrate their commitment to fair compensation, and manage your recruitment budget. It is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to attract the best candidates and ensure they remain competitive in the market.

How does this benefit the employer?

Advertising a salary range in job adverts can benefit employers in many ways. The main one being transparency.

Being transparent about what you are willing to offer in terms of salary can create a positive impression among potential candidates. This helps attract high-quality candidates looking for competitive salaries and benefits. It can make it easier for you to secure top talent for their open positions. In such a competitive job market, show all your cards. Potential employees will trust you far more than your competition.

Arguably, one of the biggest reasons to advertise a salary range is that you’ll save time!

When looking for your next employee, you don’t want to spend all your time strategising over whether they can afford your position or not. You want to focus on finding the right people who are passionate about what you do and will help grow the business.

A salary range is more likely to attract more people and more motivated applicants.

It allows candidates to negotiate on their terms without feeling guilty about it.

For example:

Let’s say you’re hiring for a Junior Software Developer role and advertised a base salary of £35,000. Yet the candidate knows you could probably offer £40,000 for the role.

They might be tempted to apply anyway because they assume that the company will increase their pay during negotiations. This means they may get a better deal overall than if they had applied for another job listing with a higher starting rate.

However… if there was no room for negotiation in your advert, why would they bother applying?

Are there any disadvantages to advertising a salary range?

When it comes to advertising a salary range on job adverts, there can be potential drawbacks. One of the primary concerns is it can limit the scope of potential candidates who may apply. Some applicants may be looking for more than the salary range specified. Therefore they could potentially be discouraged from applying if the salary does not meet their expectations.

Another disadvantage to advertising a salary range is the potential to damage an employer’s brand. When employers are transparent about their salary ranges, this can open them up to criticism and comparisons with other employers. This is especially true in competitive industries where employers must prove they are offering competitive wages to attract top talent. If employers advertise a salary range that is lower than their competitors, this can damage their reputation as a desirable employer.

Finally, advertising a salary range on job adverts can also lead to higher expectations among candidates. When a salary range is specified, candidates may expect to receive an offer in line with that range and may feel disappointed or frustrated if they are offered something different.

Overall, while there are potential disadvantages to advertising a salary range on job adverts, employers should carefully consider whether or not doing so is beneficial for their company. Providing an exact salary range may be necessary for some positions, but it should be used with caution as it can have implications for an employer’s brand and their ability to attract quality applicants.

So, are you ready to start your hiring process with a difference?

If you still need a hand or two, why not have a chat with the team here at Your People Partners? We love helping your business thrive.

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