Why working for a small company is terrific for your career

Why working for a small company is terrific for your career


Why working for a small company is terrific for your career - Your People Partners

Are you looking for a new job role and wonder if a small company or an SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) could be the place for you?

Here are all the reasons why we think you should consider it.

You’ll get to know and work with all the different departments

Not only that, but you will also become part of the team more quickly compared to a larger company.

The best way to understand the company is to learn about every department and how they work together. This will allow you to see what each role is responsible for and how they contribute to the business’s overall success.

You might find that you like one particular department or team more than another. This could be helpful when looking at future job opportunities within that particular field or industry.

You’ll be able to wear many hats

From baseball and fedora to bowler and beret… there could be many hats to try on.

But seriously, when you work in a small company, you could be asked to do everything. This can range from writing accounting reports to proofreading marketing materials. If you’re lucky enough to work with good people, they will ask your ideas on how things should be done or what changes could be made.

You’ll also need to learn new skills as your role evolves over time.

The impact of your work will be more apparent

Here’s another big reason to work for a small company: you’ll be able to see the impact of your work. When you work for a large company, you are ‘just’ a number. It can be easy to feel like your job is just part of an assembly line that no one person can influence greatly. You may even feel underappreciated and unimportant.

But if the company is relatively small, your role will directly impact its success or failure. This means you can better understand how much value each employee brings to the organisation.

You’ll also be able to see how your work impacts customers and clients. This is another reason why working in customer service at a smaller retailer is so rewarding. You get an intimate look at what people love about shopping with you (or hate about shopping with you). There aren’t multiple layers of management between meaningful two-way conversations.

Your opinions and ideas will matter more

In a smaller company, you will have a greater impact on the success of your organisation. Smaller companies rely on their employees to help grow the business, so they are much more likely to listen to what their employees have to say.

In turn, this means that you’ll have more opportunities for responsibility and advancement. The smaller size of these organisations also means that they’re less hierarchical in structure—which means less red tape!

“Working for small companies means you and your ideas matter more.”Helen Sanders – Founder of Your People Partners


You’ll get to make decisions faster because there aren’t multiple layers of management with whom you need to consult before making any changes or implementing new ideas.

You’ll thrive if you love learning

Working at a small company will enable you to learn and then learn some more.. And then learn some more still.

You can learn many different skills and do many different things in your career. This will give you more versatility and make it easier to find another job should you one day wish to leave.

Have more of an impact on your career

The fact is, you’re more likely to get more responsibility in a small company than you are at a large one. Companies with fewer employees are generally more willing to try new ideas and will often give their employees the space they need to grow and learn new skills.

Smaller companies also tend to have less bureaucracy which means fewer hoops to jump through when it comes time for promotions or raises.

Working for a small company can be a great way to learn new skills and make an impact in your career. If you’re looking for something more hands-on, then small companies may be the right fit for you. They allow you to quickly learn multiple skills and work on projects from start to finish.

Plus, since these companies tend to have fewer employees than big ones do, everyone knows each other well enough that there aren’t any barriers between departments or roles when communicating ideas with one another!

Here at Your People Partners we consider ourselves a small but mighty team. It works for us; could it work for you? Perhaps one of our Partner companies that we’re hiring for could be a nice fit for you?

Still need help?

If you would like some more advice when it comes to working for a small company or finding the right role for you, why not get in touch with Your People Partners today?

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