Need expert help with hiring the right staff and getting rid of the wrong staff?

We are Your People Partners.

Recruitment does not need to be expensive. Or stressful. Plus you don’t need to get it wrong!Helen Sanders - Head of Saving You Time and Money on Your Recruitment

As a business owner responsible for every aspect of your company, knowing how to save time and money hiring your next member of staff is rather useful!

The average recruitment cycle can take 80 hours or more to hire that crucial next new employee you need to grow your business. Getting rid of a person who is disrupting your team or not up to the job also takes time, effort and a lot of stress.

So how can you make sure you get it right to begin with?

Here at Wingrove Tailored, we are Your People Partners.

We live and breathe your business growth plan and then we ensure you have the right recruitment strategy in place as well as the right people to help meet your vision.

WingroveTailored exists to relieve all the strain caused by hiring staff,  replacing poor staff (and then making sure we don’t hire those types again) and supporting your growth plan to enable your dreams as a business owner to come to fruition.

Would you love an easy, cost-effective and efficient expert service to help you spend more time on the business whilst your recruitment strategy is put into place?

Good news.

You do not need to use a ‘normal’ recruiter.

I am Helen Sanders. And I am Head of Saving You Time and Money here at WingroveTailored: Your People Partners.

You can use my near 20 years’ recruitment expertise in helping business owners just like you to save time, save money, cut the risk of poor hires and remove the stress of the recruitment process.

If you just want a bunch of CVs from your recruiter, then we’re probably not for you.

Where we can make a real difference for you is becoming Your People Partner.

We’ll enhance your recruitment process, minimise the risk of a poor hire and reduce team members becoming a stressful distraction through:

Support your growth with a strong long-term recruitment strategy

• Identify exactly what skills your company needs to make your growth happen

• Set out exploring if any of your current staff have those skills and also check the talent pool to find more options for you

• Write effective job adverts which attract exactly who you need to hire (not just tonnes of applicants)

Advertise for you at far less cost than if you went direct to the major job boards

Telephone interview and advise on best fit for your company culture, vision and the job itself

• Video interview so we can further assess who is right for you and ensure they’re excited about where your company is heading

• Help support you with effective interviews (we even write the interview questions for you)

Test potential new team members (e.g. DiSC and Wealth Dynamics)so we know we’re not just hiring the one who interviews the best!

Manage salary negotiations

• Ensure your business becomes an employer of choice

• Help manage out staff which simply are not cutting it

We are Your People Partner

Use my team and I to do the parts of the recruitment process you cannot do, don’t know how to do or simply don’t fancy doing, so as we can support and escalate the growth of your business.

We build amazing teams one person at a time.

Stop spending your vital time on poor hires and we can help transform your business.

Call me now on 0117 290 0208 for a chat about how my team and I can help you save time and money hiring your next employee.


Don’t just take my word for it.

Here are what other business owners have to say about how WingroveTailored
have become integral to their company’s growth, whilst also saving time and money on their recruitment.

Helen is a thoroughly professional individual and she has made a significant difference to our organisation, helping us identify and recruit talented team members.

Helen and her team at Wingrove Tailored really do care about finding the right people for our company and she is passionate when it comes to understanding a company’s culture to ensure the best possible appointment.

COO, Granite Transformations

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