Create Your Company’s New Strong Remote Onboarding Experience

Create Your Company’s New Strong Remote Onboarding Experience


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The rise of remote work means we’ve all had to reassess our company’s traditional onboarding practices. If we don’t adapt and renew our practices to the new normal of virtual work environments, we will struggle to hire and keep good staff. Creating your company’s new strong remote onboarding experience is vital for small to medium-sized businesses in 2024. It will help you and your new employees get up to speed so much faster and ensure everyone is aligned quicker too.

Let’s explore the essential elements of a successful remote onboarding programme. And in this blog, we’ll use our team’s vast experience in recruiting remote teams to provide actionable recommendations and insights to help your business. The aim is to create a warm, supportive, and engaging experience for your new hires. Our team’s aim is to empower your company with the knowledge and tools needed to design an exceptional remote onboarding experience. We all aim for an onboarding process that not only ensures new employees feel welcomed and valued. Ultimately we want to set the stage for their long-term success and commitment to your business.

Join us on this journey as we explore the nuances of remote onboarding, offering practical advice and insights tailored to help your business thrive in a world that increasingly values flexibility and virtual collaboration.

1. Connect with Your New Hires Before Their Start Date

Talk to them! Message them! Send a ‘welcome to the team’ card.

Initiating communication with new employees before their official start date can significantly contribute to a smooth remote onboarding experience. Here’s how to achieve this:

– Send a welcome package: Provide new hires with a digital welcome package that includes a warm welcome message, an overview of their onboarding schedule, and any important documentation or policies they should review prior to their first day.

– Implement pre-onboarding materials: Share resources, such as project briefs, company handbooks, or training materials, to familiarise the new employee with their role and workplace expectations.

– Assign a point of contact: Designate a point of contact within your company to address any questions or concerns your new employee may have before starting their position, helping them feel supported and informed.

– Organise a welcome call: Schedule a video call between your new employee and their manager or team to discuss expectations, answer questions, and begin fostering a sense of connection.

2. Craft a Curated Virtual Orientation

Orienting for your new remote employee isn’t about showing them where your team make their midday cuppa or where the toilet roll is kept for the office bathrooms.

A thoughtfully designed virtual orientation is vital in effectively introducing new hires to your company’s culture, values, and expectations. To develop a comprehensive orientation, consider the following:

– Structure their remote orientation: Create an agenda for the orientation, detailing the various sessions, presentations, or workshops that will help familiarise your new hires with your company and their role.

– Include key stakeholders: Ensure that key team members, department heads, and managers take part in the orientation, providing them with an opportunity to present, share insights, or connect with new employees.

– Address your company culture and values: Allocate a portion of the orientation to discuss your company’s values, mission, and culture. This gives your new hires a clear understanding of what your business stands for. They’ll also be more clear on the expectations surrounding their contributions.

– Allow time for Q&A and clarification: Schedule time for questions and answers throughout the virtual orientation, enabling new employees to seek clarification, express concerns, or offer feedback in real-time.

Ensure Access to Necessary Resources and Tools

If you need to send them a laptop, be sure to do this prior to their start date if possible. It is also within your duty of care as an employer in the UK to ask if they need anything to help support them in their work whilst working from home.

Properly equipping your new team members with the tools and resources needed for their roles is essential to a successful remote onboarding experience. Some suggestions for accomplishing this include:

– Provide hardware and software: Arrange for the provision of any necessary hardware, such as laptops or monitors, and ensure remote access to required software and applications is granted.

– Offer IT support: Provide access to your company’s IT support team, ensuring new employees can quickly address any technical issues they may encounter during remote onboarding and beyond.

– Share access to internal resources: Grant new hires access to relevant internal resources, such as shared drives, intranets, or project management systems, so they can easily access the information and materials needed to excel in their roles.

– Establish your team’s communication guidelines: Clearly communicate the ground rules. Set out your preferred channels and expectations surrounding internal communication, enabling new employees to connect effectively with colleagues and collaborate from day one.

Promote Social Engagement and Team Building

Cultivate strong connections quickly between your new employee and your current remote team is crucial in fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. To facilitate this, consider:

– Arrange virtual team meetings: Schedule regular video conference calls for the entire team to discuss projects, progress, and any roadblocks, ensuring all team members feel involved and informed.

– Host virtual social events: Organise online social events, such as team lunches, virtual coffee chats, or game nights, to encourage camaraderie and foster informal connections among team members.

– Implement mentorship or buddy programmes: Pair new hires with a colleague who can provide guidance, support, and insights into the company culture, helping them feel welcomed and supported.

– Seek regular feedback: Encourage open communication between new hires and their managers, providing opportunities for feedback on their onboarding experience, overall progress, and any challenges they may be facing.

Create a Robust Remote Onboarding Experience for Your Success

Developing a thorough remote onboarding strategy is essential for small to medium-sized businesses to seamlessly integrate new hires in marketing, finance, tech, operations, HR, and admin roles (Pssst… these are all the areas we specialise in for SME recruitment). By connecting with your new employees before their start date, crafting a curated virtual orientation, ensuring access to necessary resources and tools, and promoting social engagement and team building, you will create a supportive, welcoming, and engaging experience that sets the stage for long-term employee success and satisfaction.

Your People Partners, your leading UK recruitment agency, is committed to supporting you in perfecting your remote onboarding experience. We offer a service that we can specifically tailor to your needs and expectations of your business. We are dedicated to offering expert guidance and support, helping you perfect your remote onboarding process and align it with your business’s unique needs and goals. Trust in our tailored solutions and expertise to empower your company in navigating the evolving world of remote work, fostering a thriving workforce poised for lasting success.

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