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  • Helen Sanders Profile

    Helen Sanders

    Managing Director

    Strategic Recruitment Partner & Coach

    Greatest success in recruitment:
    Being asked to open a recruitment office in Chicago at the age of 26 and helping to grow a company to meet their vision and goals from 22 staff to 36 over the course of 18 months (and all staff are still there and doing brilliantly).

    Most embarrassing moment:
    Stepping on Elton John’s big toe.

    If you want to know the rest of the story, you’ll have to buy me lunch.

    Favourite food spot:
    OXO Brasserie, London. I took my mum there for Mother’s Day and the combination of jazz, fine food and great company made it a fantastic place for lunch. Swiftly followed by Brasserie Ruhlmann in Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan and again, my mum and I went there on our trip to NYC.

    Famous for:
    Being the first female football commentator with BBC Radio and also doing voiceovers for Capital Radio, London from the age of 14.

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  • Gemma Profile

    Gemma O’Hara

    Head of Making Things Run Like Clockwork

    Greatest career success:
    I started in the car finance industry, in the post room, aged 17 and by my 30th birthday, I was the MD of the UK’s most successful brokerages.

    Most embarrassing moment:
    I once walked into (and bounced off of) Martin Johnson’s chest after an England match (that we won)! and nearly knocked myself out.

    Favourite food:
    Pasta, steak (sorry, burnt to a crisp)! And I loved my 40th birthday lunch at the The Ritz. Simply amazing.

    Famous for:
    Not knowing I was 5mths months pregnant … twice!

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  • Helen Chauffour-Jones

    The 'Other' Helen (or HJ)

    Principal Recruiter

    Greatest Career Success:
    Definately recruitment! I started my recruitment career as a resourcer having worked in the Cosmetics industry for 12 years, then had responsibility for training new resourcers before becoming a consultant within a short amount of time. In my recruitment career, I have have had the ability to work freelance and office based and both have been great experiences. I am particulary proud of completeing my Recruitment qualification whilst managing the home and three kids!

    Famous for:
    My ever changing hair colour! My husband never knows what colour it will be one week to the next.

    Most embarrassing moment:
    Unfortunately, with three litle girls, I have to go to soft play areas and on one occassion, my girls wanted me to climb and run around one, which I did and all was going well until I got stuck in a “roller” and had to be pulled out by a random parent after my eldest climbed down and said “Can you help my Mummy? She is stuck…” Mortifying!

    Favourite Food:
    I LOVE Thai, Japanese and Chinese but I will happily eat most food if it is in front of me. I have a weakness for chocolate milkshake which my girls have inherited. Oops!

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    Receptionist & Business Administrator

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    Marketing, Design & Development Ninja

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    Client Support

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