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  • Helen Sanders - Your People Partners

    Helen Sanders

    Chief People Partner and Founder

    Strategic Recruitment Partner & Coach

    Greatest success in recruitment: Being asked to open a recruitment office in Chicago at the age of 26 and helping to grow a company to meet their vision and goals from 22 staff to 36 over the course of 18 months (and all staff are still there and doing brilliantly).

    Most embarrassing moment: Stepping on Elton John’s big toe. If you want to know the rest of the story, you’ll have to buy me lunch.

    Favourite food spot: OXO Brasserie, London. I took my mum there for Mother’s Day and the combination of jazz, fine food and great company made it a fantastic place for lunch. Swiftly followed by Brasserie Ruhlmann in Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan and again, my mum and I went there on our trip to NYC.

    Famous for: Being the first female football commentator with BBC Radio and also doing voiceovers for Capital Radio, London from the age of 14.

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  • Gemma Reynolds

    Principal People Partner

    Head of Making Recruitment Better for Everyone

    Greatest Success in Recruitment: Hiring people within an organisation that then went on to become leaders within the company. Watching them succeed year by year and reaching their own career goals gave me mine!

    Most embarrassing moment: Probably doing a full-on ‘Only Fools and Horses-bar scene-fall’ on a train after a day at the races. I blame the wobbly train and not the champagne 🙂

    Favourite food: Anything with carbs!!! I love pizza, pasta, halloumi and of course fries…..

    I am not known for my love of salads 🙂

    Famous for: Being a bit of a ‘Selfie’ queen!

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  • Callum Robinson

    People Partner

    Managed Service People Partner

    Recruitment Career Success: Well, if you take being part of the Your People Partners team aside, then it would the success I have had building and developing relationships with both candidates and clients who have gone on to grow some of their business’s to be global successes.

    Most embarrassing moment: On day 3 of moving to Spain to play football in Gibraltar, I lost my passport (you require ID to get in and out of Gibraltar)… I, therefore, had to smuggle my way back into Gibraltar to visit the Embassy or it was a 4-hour journey to Malaga! If Immigration Control is reading this, I am sorry, I didn’t cause any harm.

    Favourite Food: Has to be Pizza… although I do make a very good Homemade Crispy Shredded Beef.

    I know what you’re thinking:

    ‘what’s the recipe?’… nice try it’s a Robinson specialty.

    Famous For: My Homemade Crispy Shredded Beef… see, you’re even more intrigued now!

    You can call Callum on: 0117 290 0208

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